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  1. I will update the story more later today.
  2. 2010 JAN: 21 MATTHEW SMITH Matthew Smith born on January 21st 2010, to his mother Olivia Parsons, and his father Ronald Smith. In his early years, Matthew with his father and mother lived in the city of San Fierro in the neighborhood of Juniper Hill. San Fierro Dreams. 2010 - 2012: In his early years, Matthew's parents were two happy souls with each other and they treated one another very respectfully. Matthews and his parent's resided in the neighborhood of Juniper Hill, an ethnically Russian neighborhood with an urban vibe. Matthew can't really remember much from his early childhood as he was so young. 2012 - 2015: From ages two to five Matthew's parents relationship still remained strong from an outside view, however from the household of Matthew, Olivia, and Ronald. things were often timid and cold, and at times volatile. during this time his father Ronald, caught his first charge for a simple "public drunkenness". He did some time in the local county jail, for ninety-days. This caused his mother to become volatile towards Ronald and the two would yell and argue with one another on a daily basis. 2015 - 2018: When Matthew was a young kid he often watched his parent's fight amongst each other, many times he witnessed his father Ronald, threaten to hit and beat on his mother, Olivia. This caused Matthew to kind of be numb to the arguing because he witnessed it so often and watched them scream at each other. Matthew enrolled in a local elementary school, he had decently ok grades, B's and C's mostly. He had some problems in school with other kids making fun of him for numerous reasons one being because he was a shy kid. 2018 - 2021: Matthew and his family underwent many more problems with the drama inside the household, Matthew being the target some of the times, His father first laid hands on him when he came home from school one day in Fourth grade, he got an F on a test. Matthew's father threw a remote at his face and then Matthew's reflexes dodged it so he got up and hit Matthew in the jaw, causing redness and bruising. The beatings that happened for Matthew were at least once a month and sometimes as often as twice a week, Matthews mother tried to intervene multiple times however Ronald would threaten her every time and she would cower down to him. Olivia decided she was going to cheat on Ronald after this happened continually. 2021 - Present: Matthew's mother got caught cheating by Ronald with another man, Ronald decided it was time to lay hand's on Olivia, striking her in the temple sending her to the floor. Olivia took this into consideration as well of the fact that Matthew was repeatedly getting hit. They left and Olivia looked for "Section 8" housing in the area of San Fierro, the waiting list for the housing was to long in San Fierro. They settled with a neighborhood complex in South LS that was advertising heavily for needing tenants, Matthew and his mother packed their stuff and left later that week. As of recently Matthew and his mother have moved into Chamberlain Hills "Flats" into a small apartment, how will Matthew change now that him and his mother reside in South LS.
  3. Discontinued. Ryan has moved on with his life and is now living in San Fierro.
  4. Falling into pushing work 1. 2.
  5. I agree with you, IMO anyone who takes a risk in their character's life and possibly puts their life on the line should be subject to a CK, whether that be the perpetrator robbing the individual, victim who tries to defend themselves, or a witness who decides to step in. Life happens, victims die for making a wrong move, thugs die when someone plays the hero, heroes die when attempting to save themselves or others. Shit happens like that.
  6. IMO any player who decides to put their character's life on the line ICly, and they know for a fact it can lead to a deadly situation for themselves, should be subject to a CK. Criminals, CCW Heroes, LEO's. An overwhelming majority of players on GTA:WORLD have a [Play to Win] mentality, and that's on all sides. LEO's should be subject to some type of character punishment whether it be a CK, or a name change. On another note, not many people IRL are going to put themselves in the line of death if they have no reason to, IE CCW Heroes in GTA:WORLD. Yes, there are a small percentage of people who would pull out a gun to stop a crime IRL but they can easily lose their life. I know a person in my hometown who died in a situation like that.
  7. Drug Abuse In Los Santos As is true of many major cities in the U.S., substance abuse has been a common struggle in Los Santos for decades. The city’s proximity to the Mexico may be in part to blame, as it makes LS a prime location for Central and South American drug traffickers to transport and distribute illicit substances. The crack cocaine epidemic that swept the nation in the 1980s destroyed countless lives and families across the U.S. The epidemic is believed to have originated in South Central Los Santos, where imported Colombian cocaine was converted to crack and sold in impoverished, black communities. Evidence of the drug’s destruction is still apparent in those communities today. Crack cocaine is not the only illicit drug that plagues the City of Los Santos. According to a 2019 report by the National Drug Intelligence Center, Los Santos’ high intensity drug trafficking area (HIDTA) is increasingly being used to transit and sell methamphetamine from Mexico. The report also noted there’s been an increase in local production of marijuana. The increase in the availability of both meth and marijuana correlate to the recent increase in addiction treatment admissions for both drugs. In the first half of 2020, nearly 19 percent of treatment admissions were for methamphetamine and more than 27 percent were for marijuana—more than half of these marijuana admissions were people under the age of 18. Heroin abuse is also a problem in LS, with more than 4,000 treatment admissions for the drug from January to June 2021. "Bodies dropping on the daily like it's some type of sickness." "It's painful don't get it twisted" OOC - This thread shadows the lives of drug addicts and displays the struggle they go through on the day to day basis. I do not treat this as an Illegal group/Faction. I give everyone permission to post here in relevancy to drug addiction and the struggles with drug addiction that their character faces. https://discord.gg/ZmVasfjJ
  8. Rehab time. Ryan did well in rehab, will it pay off and help him in the outside world?
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