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  1. (( /pinfo up and price lowered. ))
  2. Got a apartment for sale, pretty much a loft with Ocean View and all you need. Comes with a Jaeger 9 safe. [https://imgur.com/a/GijCFDw] - Interior photos. Exterior Photo STARTING BID - 240.000$ BUY OUT - 300.000$ (( /pinfo ))
  3. as there isn't a bid or something, 350 for Argento.
  4. nossu


    As there isn't a offer, mine would be 300.
  5. Call me 49662075, we'll talk about it.
  6. We sold it, this topic will remain just for the bussines info. We're selling here now! :
  7. To Notice: All cars are negotiable and the prices on our "site" are the buyout prices. We'll update bought cars.
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