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  1. well, last night someone who was driving really fast (it was a high tunned car for racing) bumped into my truck and didn't stop to roleplay, I hate it
  2. CITYLINK IS ON THE JOB 24/7. We are your choice, any time, any weather, you can count on CityLink Bus Company TICKETS FOR URBAN BUSES ARE NOW 100$ PER HOUR FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS!
  3. Are you tired of driving all the way to your job or family that lives outside Los Santos? We are your choice, any time, any weather, you can count on CityLink Bus Company! We offer Urban transport too, take our urban transport from dashound bus terminal. CITYLINK BUS PUTS PEOPLE ALL OVER SAN ANDREAS IN MOTION WHAT WE OFFER ABOUT US HOW CAN I TAKE THE BUS? AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COSTS? WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO IN A CITYLINK BUS IF YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR COMPANY YOU CAN CONTACT US IN THE METHODS BELOW (( dm @1999bishop ))
  4. I buyed a truck today (4 hours ago) for 114.000$ and I worked so much for it, I was going to register it later because I didn't have time left to do it today so I leave it close to the truckshipment, not on the road, not blocking anything and I didn't drive it since it was unregistered. And when I entered the server 30 minutes ago it's says that my vehicle was taken and it's repaired for 4 hours, I tried contacting the admins IG with this problem but no one answerd my ticket. I want to know if I'm gonna get my truck back.
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