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  1. I kind agree with that. Especially since I'm in Judiciary, one of my biggest pet - peeves is that any conviction, be it prison sentence for "X" amount of time or life penalty don't have any effect, whatsoever. Often times, JSA Judges after some massacre hand down life imprisonment, only to see a player /namechage or delete character as soon as we hand down life imprisonment sentence. It's needless to say that they join "their" illegal faction shortly after on new char or with new name. It's just rinse and repeat, life doesn't have any value because often times "those" illegal RP'ers have spender characters, so they delete them when they end up in prison, or they simply /Namechage and live of huge wealth that they amassed over the time.
  2. What I would like to see is that /ptime and /pweather are moved from Preimum Donator Status to Golden Donator Status. I think 300 WP ( 24,99 Euros ) is a lot to be able to change weather and time in your property. Generally, if that was moved to Golden, I think a lot of player who don't use Premium perks would donate and get Golden Status in order to have immersion in their property. Other then that... I think everything is good and dandy.
  3. Offering $40000, contact me on Lottie Laurier, 848484 or [email protected] ( Forum PM)
  4. I think it's just a matter of balls and understanding. Firstly, I think a lot of players on this server act like hysterical kids when it comes to reporting. They don't report for sake of improving the server or improving other person's RP, but to enjoy seeing other party being punished. Namely, if you think that person somehow crossed you. Take it to /pm, notify them of their mistake, and try to settle thing between you two. I think that's big dick energy, not plotting, reporting and hoping for someone to be punished. I mean, don't get me wrong, some people are a**holes, you can't reason with them, you can't make them stop in their ignorance and it's perfectly acceptable to report them. However, that should be last option. We are here to grown, together. Undermining each other won't get us anywhere!
  5. Buyout - Contact me on, Lottie Laurier, 848484 or [email protected] (( Revolter#0527 ))
  6. Revolter


    Let it snow, let it snow.
  7. Well, I'll go with @Igloo. Big shout - out to him. We don't know each other, however I noticed that he's always here, answering the /reports and /Helpme. Always kind and ready to help with questions, tips and advices. He helped me multiple times with my requests and/or questions, never shown to be nervous, always on time and on point. Answering reports and helpme's is invisible yet crucial job. Therefore, I write this praise.
  8. Good morning, fellow bidders. I'm closing this bid since I have found a seller and bought the boat. Thank you for participating. (( Can be L&A ))
  9. Name : Lottie Laurier Number : 848484 E - mail : [email protected] (( Discord : Revolter#0527 )) Details : I'm looking to buy a Dinka Marquis. It's important that price is real, that boat doesn't have any damages except cosmetic ones, that sails are fairly new alongside working outboard engine.
  10. It's big "No" for me. I don't know if we have anyone from World of Warcraft RP here, but there we had exactly same problem. All WOW RP'ers use addon that allow other RP'ers to check characters full name, eye colour, attributes...etc. It's needless to say that some RP'ers went all out in filling their profiles, writing down their entire backstory, bloodlines, small thesis... I mean it was crazy. We later found out that folks who had this gigantic profiles had less RP then ones who didn't, because if you want to know anything ICLY about character who doesn't have such a gigantic profile you have to ask, therefore you have to RP. Bottom line is that we are here to RP, we aren't here to be spoon fed with information. TL:DR : We are here to RP, more interaction = more RP. (( @Bloodseeker Bal'a dash, I guess you are from Wow ))
  11. Revolter


    Amen. We need to help other players instead of being elitists. Secondly, I fear that there will be whole army of "grammar nazis" who will be reporting players for minor grammar mistakes. Thirdly, I think that people who have quote on quote "subpar english" find themselves quickly enough without a job, without a faction and without the people that are willing to RP with them. Therefore, they have to learn the english better or they eventually quit the game because it's boring just to drive around without job/faction/friends. So, I think it's natural process! Of course, folks who can't speak english at all, well... I fear that banning them is only option. Learning a language from a scratch takes years, so... You have to know the ropes. TL:DR We shouldn't intervene because people who know the ropes will naturally better themselves or quit the game all together.
  12. @Tickle The top - hat and flamboyancy. Love it. Don't worry about what other folks say. Don't be afraid to bring your concepts, ideas and fines to the server. Leave your small mark on ever colorful Gta: World!
  13. Our mission : We in Lottie Laurier Law Firm help our clients triumph over adversity. We protect and find justice for our clients. Weather it be a criminal defence case, civilian or administrative tort, record expungement, simple legal consulting or something else, we are here for you. We put complicated legal procedures into simple terms, so even those who aren't familiar with San Andreas legal proceeding have a chance to understand and make rational decisions that lead to desired outcome. About us : Lottie Laurier Law Firm is operational since 2021 it consists of Attorney Lottie Laurier and a lot of partners that include former & future LEO's, private investigators, forensic experts, financial advisors, computer science experts and more. We work as a team, combining our insider knowledge to your advantage in fighting a case. Head of Lottie Laurier Law Firm, Attorney Lottie Laurier is expert in criminal defence since she is working as a Public Defender for those who are in need of representation but can't or don't want to go with private representation. Practice areas : Lottie Laurier Law Firm provide clients with wide variety of legal services from criminal defence to civilian litigation and traffic law, record expungements, legal counseling and more. Criminal Defence Practice - We here in L.L. Law Firm understand that being arrest is one of most traumatic experiences that individual can experience. Statistic say that fifty - two percent of male Americans will be arrested in one point in their life, even more in State of San Andreas. We in L.L. Law Firm understand all of that, therefore our sole purpose is to ensure getting you back on track as soon as possible. Getting a proper criminal defence attorney early is of utmost importance in ensuring that your rights won't be infringed as well as reaching a best possible outcome. Often times we are able to talk with prosecution before case is filled, resulting in "DA's Reject". Even if case is filled, we do have many tools in our sleeve to reach best possible outcome. Example of cases include, but aren't limited to : Arson, Assault & Battery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, Domestic Violence, DUI's, Drug Crimes, Embezzlement, Fraud, Gang Crimes, Habeas Corpus, Weapon Charges ( SHAFT Code violations ), Hit & Run, Homicide/ Murder, Insurance & Medical Fraud, Juvenile Crimes, Kidnapping, Manslaughter, Parole / Probation Violations, Property Crimes, Sex Crimes, Stalking, Theft, White Collar Crimes... Alongside, of course, record expungements and appeals. Civil Litigation - Civilian litigation is process where civilian matters are resolved on the court of law. Civilian matters can be described as relationship between the people, such as marriage, or between contract disputes between corporations. In simple terms, civilian cases are an individual or business filing suit against other business or individual. We here in L.L. Law Firm are deal with wide variety of civilian litigations, including : Business Torts Administrative Torts Civil Remedies / Torts ( Personal Injury ) Civil Rights Product Liability Professional Malpractice Family Law Litigation Civil litigation defence Traffic Litigation - Speeding Reckless driving Following to closely Failure signal or to yield Leaving the scene of the accident Street racing Etc... Legal fees : Legal fees for our service are on case to cases basis. However, legal consultation through the phone, for the first time are FREE of charge. Therefore, you are free to give us a call and tell us about legal issue you are facing so we can figure out best course to take in given situation. Upon hiring us, both parties sign a legal service agreement that protects and dictates rights and obligations of both parties and insures transparency, protecting a client from additional ( unnecessary ) costs. Contact us : You can visit L.L. Law Firm offices on address 1 Rub Street, Floor 3, Room 1, La Puerta, Los Santos or contact us on : Attorney Lottie Laurier / Phone : 84 - 84 - 84 / E - mail : [email protected] (( Discord : Revolter #0527 or Forum PM ))
  14. Noted. Auction finishes today for 3 hours.
  15. I think idea is fairly fine, however, firstly one can start with something less intrusive. Basically, I'm not sure ( correct me if I'm wrong ) but one can have an alt in same faction that he's currently joined with main character. I wouldn't allow this for LEO factions / Illegal factions. So ONE can't jump to alt if something happens to his/her main character. Next, I would think of the way to increase time for interaction between male & female prison population, while it might no be 100 percent realistic it may help with RP. I think that trading a bit of realism for better and more constant RP is fair deal.
  16. Vapid Dominator Current bid : N/A Starting bid : $45000 Buyout : $70000 Information about the vehicle : Vapid Dominator is powered by powerful 7,4 L supercharged engine. Furthermore it has aftermarket engine remap, sporty brakes and transmission alongside turbo. Vehicle was never in a serious crash, only few fender - benders. Vehicle currently has 884 miles on a clock, sporting a mouse grey + scarlet red colour combination. Owner : Lottie Laurier. Contact : 848484 / [email protected] (( Forum / Discord : Revolter#0528 )) (( OOC information )) :
  17. That is mighty fine. If they don't want to progress their char in that direction, that is fine. Nobody should be forced to do anything. Especially, have STD'S, in - game. If someone will want to go with STD'S it should be their free will and not forced upon someone, especially magically. I'm just saying for PHMC, it won't have desired effect. I don't have "problem", we are just discussing.
  18. Basically, I was working for PHMC. PHMC have policy that in most cases anything that involves sexual organs will lead to F2B. There is no point in that either.
  19. Condoms... Condoms are the answer. All jokes on side, I don't think that one should dictate how someone should RP, nor do I think there is a lot of people that just E-RP. I guess some folks RP being a prostitute or, respectfully, gigolo and that would mess with their RP. Also, not all unprotected sex lead to STD'S, you can't just magically get STD's. If we are going down that road we can then add other diseases / illnesses too. We can then add, let's say - aneurysm ; you have a chance for your blood vessel in your brain to burst. If it does, in most cases you are dead... I mean... Let's not dictate how someone will progress their character. If someone wants to have STD, then he/she can RP that she have it. - No support from me.
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