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  1. I agree, it's pretty difficult to avoid CCTV, regardless of where you are and I honestly think that the rule about continuity just is used when it benefits a certain party and not fairly implemented.
  2. I think the rule should be changed, while I do agree just saying that you RP your character not being very intelligent or not really caring about the consequences of his actions is a lackluster excuse I will say this: When it comes to killing someone (as said case by case basis) there are times when the desire to kill a certain person are higher than they would be with killing someone because of gang beef or something. For example, if someone shot and killed three of my very close friends, my character would want to kill that man not really caring about what happens after that. However, when it comes to my character just wanting to do a hit or retaliate on an opposite faction/group because of a shooting that didn't result in any deaths he would more just wait until the most convenient time to do the hit. But this is besides the point because everybody will have different reasons for wanting to kill a person/people and I think that should be accounting for during a FR/In game report. If the person has a good explanation for them killing someone in broad daylight I think that they should be able to get away with it as this happens A LOT in real life as well as in L.A. which GTAW is based off of.
  3. It's a post about illegal RP, which you can't really talk about without mentioning LSPD, and I didn't mean ICly I meant OOCly. Evading police in game is a different story entirely.
  4. I like RPing in an illegal faction, but it is clear that it is looked down upon by most of the GTAW community. There are certain rules that halt certain actions that should be possible, if a situation involving a report between LSPD vs an illegal factions nine and a half times out of ten LSPD will win. That isn't to say there are no positives, but there is just a lot of stuff that has to change. I also think we have been seeing a very big decline of illegal RPers around, I haven't been on the server too long but from what I have seen/heard there were a lot more people rping in Davis a couple of months ago, but maybe that is for the best. I've started to stop playing World as I see about 5-6 admin situations a day while I am trying to RP and it messes with my experience.
  5. I wasn't here when LTD was open but I have heard there has been a lot less RP in Davis since it has been gone. That being said, I think having a spot such as LTD to have everyone with different ways of RP from Davis and outside of Davis RP, no one goes to the mall, and people are not going to "organize" the type of RP that would come from a natural setting at the LTD. Having rival gangs and such beef at somewhere like the LTD lead to a lot more RP, not to mention interesting RP. Sure people might kill a lot there but that isn't the gas station's fault and that is all an IC thing not an OOC one, if you put yourself in a position to get killed or robbed or whatever else then you deal with the consequences, period.
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