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  1. It was treated like a warrant for El Chapo. Bradley's workplace was raided by a SWAT team; he lost his job. Bradley had an extensive record with this being his third strike; the sentence would have lengthy. When he was rammed off his dirtbike by the off-roading master SWAT team SUV he shot back in the heat of the moment. Shit happens.
  2. Bradley had been living out on an island off shore for about a week with his Uncle Hershel. Monday night while Hershel was in the city gathering supplies Bradley sent Hershel into Mission Row Station to inquire and ask about the outstanding warrant on Bradley (huge mistake). Later that night Bradley linked up with Hershel on the Zancudo River and the duo headed up river to fuel up the boat at the Alamo marina. While sitting in the middle of the Alamo sea rolling a joint with his boat turned off Bradley heard the sound of helicopter rotors above. Bradley immediately knew silly boomer Uncle Hershel must have spaced out and left his phone powered on. Hershel was being traced by LSPD in a desperate effort to catch Bradley; a riverboat chase ensued down the Zancudo river. Bradley Wilfork ultimately lost his life to the LSPD in the Lago Zancudo Swamp. #RIPBrad
  3. Upon his last release in TTCF Bradley hitchhiked to the impound lot where he assumed his truck would be locked up. Luckily Brads truck had not been fully processed and was simply sitting in the SD parking lot. Brad walked into the lot like he owned the place and drove his car home. Later that day Bradley was pulled over by LSPD. Bradley had a suspended license and was unaware of the fact. The officer also asked Bradley how he managed to get his truck back. Bradley lied and told officers that he spoke with Deputy Dom' and was told it was alright. The LSPD officer released Bradley on his word and let a friend drive him home. The LSPD officer clearly informed Bradley that if his story didn't check out he would surely be fucked. Bradley is now under the assumption his false story would later not check out and a warrant would be issued by LSPD. Bradley heads north to lay low; setting up camp in the Zancudo Swamp. Brad is very much enjoying his time away from the toxic chaos and turmoil that is Forum drive. Fishing the Zancudo River and kicking back relaxing is great stress relief for Bradley's hectic life style. Selling drugs proved more difficult for Bradley out in the secluded swamp and without being legally mobile in his truck. Bradley devised a plan and found a used dinghy boat on craigslist. After making a few sales on the Zancudo river from the safety of his boat Bradley had another great idea; establish a pipeline. Bradley's riverboat adventures now take him down the western coast into the city where he meets with his suppliers. After loading his boats livewell full of product Bradley moves back up the coast and up river where he now feeds the addicts of Blaine County.
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