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  1. we do, and nothing comes of it because 9/10 times the admins side with cops lol
  2. Yeah but why would missing a yield result in 4 people being dragged out of a car to be searched? That doesn’t make sense, especially if everyone is complying. No bubble is burst here because there’s nothing to burst.
  3. But when you comply and then they still want to search you it’s dumb and shouldn’t happen.
  4. No, but they know ooc that 90% of gang members carry weapons and try to get them on any kind of charge. Shit’s ridiculous and shouldn’t happen
  5. cops getting everyone out of the car to frisk them during a traffic stop
  6. I’ll buy this in an hour
  7. i'll go for the buy out. ((however, it's under 3 months of ownership, there's no furniture price so buyout has to be, as per the rules, 75,000.))
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