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  1. Fully furnished, apartment. PInfo: Starting bid: 150k Current bid: --- Buyout: 225k The furniture worth reset, for whatever reason but I think it was around 30k? Interior: https://imgur.com/a/DTmzgZZ Exterior: https://imgur.com/a/epQvpZV CAN ARCHIVE NOW. THANKS.
  2. * Name: Jackson Byrne * Phone number: 807-617 * Email: [email protected] Comment: Ready to buy the property at any point. Legal citizen, and I love the location!
  3. Pretty straight forward. Looking for Kamacho, aftermarkets arent important
  4. * Name: Jackson Byrne * Phone number: 807617 * Email: [email protected] Comment: Might interested in a viewing, whenever works for you also works for me
  5. Pretty straight forward title. I'm looking for a house or Standalone apartment. Location doesn't matter much. I'd prefer it if it had a garage, or an enclosed parking space
  6. Username: JacksonB Comment: G'Day, is the Daemon custom still available?
  7. Looking for a place in the ghetto. Lmk if you got any offers.
  8. The Buffalo S is only missing the Suspension and Security. Registered MP is 210k and unregistered is 180k. I'm looking for 180k with all the upgrades in it currently. WILLING to negotiate if its reasonable.
  9. Serafina Catalano Ph: 4072 0016 Role: Bartender
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