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  1. I'd say include rules of proper usage or limitations of /radio and everything in between. /r has been overused so much that the rules for it aren't clear at all and the in game rules list doesn't even state them. I mean I've seen so many people use /r everywhere even when they're wearing next to nothing but a sun dress or shorts and a t-shirt, not able to determine what they could have on them to contact people all the way across the state over /r. I've seen illegal factions roleplay they have ear pieces to coordinate together (granted it was roleplayed well but it still seemed off
  2. It was a good journey, fellas. A journey that unfortunately reached an end. I wish you all luck on your next projects.
  3. Yeah, it's not /impossible/ to do, but do you see how impractical and useless that is in an actual scenario? It's for stylish points. That YouTube video is on a martial arts channel, I doubt they know anything about firearms. It is unrealistic and definitely power-gaming.
  4. I see where you're coming from but this would only work in a perfect world. This would multiply the existing problem of Discord metagaming tenfold, open people up to harassment, and many more. Honestly, just give your Discord to people who you plan on roleplaying with regularly (Just remember not to say IC information over it 🙂)
  5. I think ERP is the biggest showcase of masculinity
  6. Very well done, I fell asleep unaware of what happened and woke up to the problem already resolved. Impressive.
  7. Disagree with this part. There's a lot of OOC politics in the server, a lot of people interact with each other all the time and form huge bonds. While there's nothing wrong with forming friendships from the server the OOC politics is the issue, I can definitely see how people would vote for their friends/faction members/etc. whenever they come up on the poll. This I agree with for the most part. A nice wholesome, harmless thing that could easily be added to the forums showcasing the best parts of the community, where people share their roleplay experiences.
  8. Funny, but it would only be used as a meme for negativity. Gotta -1
  9. Addressing one of the aforementioned problems: take out the like limit but add dislikes that will subtract from from your reputation, on top of taking out the applaud and thanks. Just have upvote, downvote. If that's not your cup of tea then add something like account specific limitations. Meaning that much like the current limit, you can only upvote/downvote two or three posts from a specific person, but you can upvote/downvote other people's posts two or three times until your limit for that specific person has met the threshold for that day as well. So I could like two posts fro
  10. -1 because in most player reports it's treated somewhat like a court case. The prosecutor, the person who made the post, will try to prove that the defendant is guilty with the original post, the defendant being the person the report is on. An admin, the judge, will come in and bring order to the post, which is the court room. Then they will take the argument and evidence from the prosecutor, as well as statements from all the witnesses provided and then the defendant will then give their case on why they're innocent. The current system is the best you will get. Also, staff reports are private
  11. Modded clothing is already against the server's continuity, no need to make it against the rules as well. -1
  12. -1 Your heart is in the right place, but limiting people's roleplay experience and what they can do with their own characters is beyond the wrong way to handle it. If people want to be criminals they can be criminals. Every time I have been robbed the roleplay wasn't bad, it was actually fun besides getting 5k taken off of me, in fact sometimes the roleplay was so well if I had around 6-7k when they were robbing me I consented throwing that in as well even if I was only obligated to give them 5. Just report people who roleplay poorly trying to make a quick buck.
  13. Big +1 1000% Just unrealistic and very GTA Online-esk
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