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  1. This thread will present to everyone the character development of Dimitri Aleksevey, a homeless russian in his late twenties, who's willing to do anything to get out of poverty, after losing everything for gambling all of his money.
  2. GTAW Assistant doesn't want to open. I tried using different settings with, compatibility, administrator mode, everything, but it won't open. When I try to launch it, I can see in task manager that it's process is launched, then closed after one second. I took a break from GTA from 20 august since two days ago. Before the break, it worked flawllesly. I want to add that I don't have any third party antivirus and Windows Security is always disabled. This happened to me a few months ago, I deleted the application and then downloaded again from the github, and it worked. But this time, it keeps having the same problem.
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