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  1. Giibi_

    [Guide] Extortion

    Nice guide bro, makes me lose faith in extortion roleplay.
  2. Damn bro that's crazy, I wasn't trying to one up you good luck with it
  3. If we are talking about religious prison gangs in the Western world then the most common ones(Especially in Europe) are the Islamic prison gangs, and those aren't actually restricted to no race since all a Muslim prison gang does is bring all Muslims in a western rehabilitation facility together to defend against Islamophobic attacks, an example of that is the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK and several other European prisons that came out to the surface when Islamophobic attacks in Europe were on the rise a few years ago. They don't deal with drugs, they don't do the stuff that other prison gangs do and they don't claim tattoos or whatever, it's just like a band of people protecting each other from the rest of prisoners in the facility. You might look up for Muslim prison gangs in the United States who deal with drugs but eventually all you're going to find is a bunch of dudes coming from Arab ethnicities(Mostly Muslims) who's been dealing with drugs even before they came into prison, how's that? Arabs do actually form Drug trafficking rings and have formed multiple criminal organized groups all over Europe, Australia and North America, most of those OCGs are composed of dudes who're blood connected which makes them hard to infiltrate and yes they might be Muslims, Christians or whatever, is that what keeps them working together? Not at all, for them it's just the power of blood bonds and money hence the classification "Clan Crime".
  4. Username: Nono Comment: Shut the fuck up nobody cares
  5. Whether someone decides to carry a gun or not it all depends on their character's decision so it's simply all IC. However, a person's decision on whether to carry a gun depends on where they live and how the crime rate is there, now let's be real here Los Santos isn't the best place to live at all and honestly, if Los Santos was real and I lived in it I would for sure keep my gun on me 24/7.
  6. It's genuinely sad to see this go.
  7. The whole idea of killing someone over not paying their taxes as an extortionist is just retarded and unreal, it happens on the server though which makes the bad side of extortion roleplay. Usually, extortionists don't look up to causing serious damage to their victims as in killing them or any of their close ones, and that's not because they care for their victims, some of them can be heartless but criminals do think of the aftermath, they know doing something might get them somewhere they don't wanna be and they don't want that to happen, if an extortion victim gets killed in real life just know they've brought it to themselves, it's been unwillingly done for the fact the victim has fucked up so bad and started causing real threat to those extortionists who participated the act on that victim. Usually the first interaction between the extortionist and their victim is met with force, that's like in most cases because extortionists don't walk into the door normally, if every resistance is met with death then more than 90% of extortion cases would've ended with the death of the shop owner by the 1st interaction. The idea of arson used to happen back in the day, but not in modern days especially not in the United States, I don't really think it does never heard of it happening in our days. But here's the deal, the choice of destroying your victims' shop doesn't really count an option unless that business is illegitimately open. Just like people who sell stuff on sidewalks and I don't know if that exists in the United States but it does in other countries, and those people can be an easy catch for extortionists because they're illegitimately opening their shops on the sidewalk. In such cases, victims receive the ultimate lie of "Providing protection", an extortionist makes you think they're protecting you from the legitimate business owners around so they won't kick you away for the fact those dudes are protecting you, which is not true because they don't give a damn about your fate, they just want their pockets filled. Now what really happens if one of them illegitimate sellers on the sidewalks don't pay is having their tiny mobile shops completely destroyed by a bunch of strangers sent by extortionists, that's why extortion must be done in groups and no, they don't go directly for the kill just like how some people on the server do, they aren't trying to catch a lawsuit because that might result in them either being locked up for life or receiving death penalty and that's not what people look up to, whether they're criminals or not both parts don't like being locked up for such long time or even being sent to death. But anyhow, I don't think the idea of breaking someone's business, destroying it or even burning it is a thing anymore in the United States, I mean I don't live in the US but I've never heard of it happening there, so it for sure shall not be an option when it comes to roleplaying in LS.
  8. All I can say about this is you don't extort businesses by just finding them, extortion is a process where you must at first have a full data of who works in that shop, who owns it and what their influences are, what they're capable of in case you hit them up with that stuff and whether they're connected or not. The matter isn't all about whether you extort someone of your same descent or not, even if you extort someone from the same descent as yours because well they're illegal immigrants or whatsoever that doesn't mean you're all safe, some victims can actually go to police even if they're illegal immigrants because think about it like this, some extorters can go over the line and can be such a real pain to the ass where sometimes you might get physically hurt or your life being put on the line, that way you're going to police whatever the consequences are as long as your life is going to be saved. If you're extorting a business just because it's within the borders of your turf doesn't mean you're all safe too, some people can be connected and even if it's your hood that doesn't mean you can't be touched, let's remember that not everyone works in a shop in the same neighborhood they live in, so with that you don't have much power to retaliate if you don't have full data of your victims. Another point is, you have to know who's in there, are they just employees or are they the owners of the establishment? Both cases you have to know who they are, what they're capable of doing and whether you're gonna step on someone's toes that might fuck you up or not. Extortion is dirty business, and incapable of being done by one person, it has to be done in a group because here's what's up, if you want to extort someone you don't really just extort them by causing harm to their personal self or their businesses, you're sending them a message that you're going to be a direct threat to them and their families in case they fuck up, and even if you get arrested some people are going to be out there to execute the orders, most victims can secure themselves and save their own lives but for sure not their relatives, they hit you at a spot that's gonna hurt, they fuck with those you care for that's what I mean by having full data of your whole life, relations, where you live and whom you interact with on the daily. Last thing I wanna say is that extortion isn't always done by crime organizations, it can be done by street gangs too. It's just all about extorting something the same level as yours, in both cases extortion doesn't happen in fancy areas where everything is secured, it's more done in poverty stricken areas and those places full of people who can not retaliate or aren't even important. For example, you don't go extort a business just like Bahamas Mammas or one of them fancy night clubs up Vinewood hills because well you're connected with an OCG, doesn't work that way nope. I just wanted to bring this example up because I've seen it happening, people just think of extortion as just by entering a business and asking for money, that's not the deal and not how it works. On how to get out of extortion? That's on you honestly, it all depends on how it's done IC, you have to find a way out and squeeze through the cracks of your extorter's flaws or just accept your fate and keep paying your taxes.
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