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  1. you can run it buddy, just upgrade ur ram to 8gb and u good to go. I run it with similar specs
  2. /setinjuries thread is fire
  3. My character is a party drug dealer and its small cash brother
  4. Cars get damaged by their own without being touched Pointing doesn't work
  5. You have the right to remain silent, bla bla bla idk how it's called
  6. Read us our rights upon arrest! + With your influence, I would try to get a bit more judges around so if we're innocent our character doesn't have to sit in a cell for days..
  7. I believe it's your Processor, also try what @Winsley recommended. However, if it continues try to set in BIOS to use more of your RAM for the game aka graphics
  8. Publish a track which will be reaching the top 100 tracks on beatport
  9. I will be rewarding these two hard working dogs! You two please leave me a PM with your UCP info 😄 And tell me, did you ever had VIP? If yes, which level? For the rest of you all, thank you for the kind wishes and keep doing what you do! I would like to reward everyone here, but sadly don't have soo much cash haha, see you till next time!
  10. come on yalll tell us the names u used i wanna know whos here with us
  11. Yooo my mens hopefully we will rp once again 😄
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