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  1. FOR SALE 4x4 Caracara with just 150 miles on the clock. The Caracara is coming with high-end performance and security parts. 47 Days of insurance left. Fixed price: $100.000,- Contact: 19931993 or e-mail. ((forum PM)) PHOTO'S:
  2. ''Shine a light on me''.
  3. Enjoying the sunset🌇☀️
  4. Rest in peace Patrick ❤️🌹

  5. Filling up our vending machines so that our colleagues can enjoy a tasty cold drink at work!
  6. Glenn1993


    My bid is $40.000. Please contact me via 1993-1993 or send me a message! Greets.
  7. Two Gruppe 6 employees who where outside talking about their shift witnessed a major car accident between two vehicles at the intersection near Gruppe 6's HQ. Both of the security officers split up and immediately applied first aid, called 9-1-1 and blocked the road with one of Gruppe 6's patrol vehicles. (Only these two photo's where made. No pictures from the accident itself because of the discretion and privacy of the persons involved.)
  8. Even with lightning and bad weather we #PuttingUinSecure. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.
  9. Proceeding through some checklists, not that fun but also a part of the job!
  10. My Obey 8F Drafter is for sale as of today! The 8F Drafter has the following tuning upgrades: Performance: - Stage 4 Engine tuning. - Stage 4 Race Transmission. - Stage 3 Brakes. - Stage 2 Suspensions. Security: - Stage 3 lock security. - Stage 4 Alarm-system. (With a module who automatically notifies 911 + location when the alarm goes off). - Stage 4 Anti Theft system (remote engine kill included). The color of the car is full-black including the rims, the car is not riced at all! Coming with an exclusive titanium exhaust installed, and a custom license plate. See the images attached below! Interested? Contact me with a private message or call/text me at 1993-1993. Starting bid: $275.000 Buyout: $350.000 ((OOC INFORMATION)) Pictures:
  11. Glenn1993

    (( L & A ))

    I'm offering a 8F Drafter with only 600miles on the clock, coming with the best performance and security parts, not riced, full black-on-black ánd 70 grands in cash. So the total worth will be around $370.000. Phone: 1993-1993.
  12. Username: Mr. UnknownComment: * Bobcat Security - Proudly serving San Andreas by providing the most sophisticated car parts and criminal records *. Man, this company is a joke.
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