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  1. SOLD. (( can be L&A ))
  2. Noted. Please provide a name and a contact number so that I may contact you if no other offers overbid yours. Sorry, not interested in trading!
  3. Torrence for sale! Are you looking for a slick, modern four-door sedan? Consider this relatively new Torrence with few miles on it, and a performance above its price. It has the latest in security technology, there to make you feel safe about leaving it by itself! Start: $35,000 Buyout: $60,000 Please use the following format when bidding: Name: Contact number: Bid: (( OOC STATS ))
  4. Having played on some RDR2 heavy RP servers, I am captivated about the idea, and know that there are people willing to really roleplay people from that time. I hope we get a bit more strict enforcement of the rules if it ends up being a reality, as I think one of the weaknesses with GTAW is that it's too lenient on rule breakers.
  5. That character has forever entered my vault of great roleplay characters I've interacted with. You were a blast to work together with, and I was both sad and so satisfied with how it ended for him.
  6. I find a lot of success in playing multiple games semi-regularly (as time permits), along with a multitude of offline hobbies. In regards to IG, as other mentioned, finding a group you play regularly with is important if you want to stay interested in your characters. My own experience is that I create a character I find interesting, then I join whatever job or faction I find interesting for that character, and then I try to befriend people from that job or faction.. It's a lot easier to get more friends once you have some, as they might know people or others want to suddenly join your group because it seems like you have fun. I wish you all the luck with finding your motivation, and remember that it's just a game at the end of the day. There's no obligations.
  7. $600,000 I will be attempting to get in touch with you for a private viewing.
  8. Has the apartment been sold? Otherwise I am interested in it for the asked buyout price.
  9. I'm actually surprised no precedent for punishment has been set about this by now. Fully in support, as it is 100% exploiting mechanics in order to gain something and is just a sad thing to do.
  10. So I have two. One was as a deputy district attorney on my way to the prison because a colleague called and asked me to come and help with an interview. Fast forward to me arriving at the guest parking area, and my fellow deputy district attorney is getting escorted out of the prison and threatened to be arrested if she don't leave. I then get inside the prison after talking with her briefly, and try to figure out what happened. It was all a shitshow, but I still enjoyed how everyone in SD acted that out, and it was probably some of the more rewarding roleplay I had on my DAO character. (I know, our IG stuff is usually boring) Another was from my time in FD where I'm climbing up a ladder we're making, as I have to get to the roof and rescue some kid at ULSA. Well, my good buddy who's making the ladder decides to overstep and pushes my character off the ladder to what is still the funniest fall I've seen in GTA. I practically spin my way down after hitting my head against the wall, and I land perfectly in a bush as my character gets downed. Faction chat explodes because you could just hear my body falling because it kept hitting things on the way down. Good laughs were had.
  11. While we can argue exact numbers all day and adjust and scale depending on results, I agree with the ideas Mahitto put forth. One of the biggest problems here is the lack of regard for the law, and if that were enforced with harsher penalties, then it would suddenly mean something to get pulled over. Another aspect is the whole disregard for life/lack of fear RP when people drive that fast. I personally think some of the ideas of CK'ing a character could work as a deterrent to some, but we already have the admins banning players for GTAO driving, and I think we need to look closer at where that border is, and let the admins do their job above that, and focus player attention (i.e. laws) on the below.
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