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  1. Why you got to call me out, man? On a more serious note, nice little list of stereotypes one can consider when wanting to go be part of the clubbing environment!
  2. We have come together to appear stronger. Fear us 🐈😾
  3. From my understanding, what you're essentially is suggesting is adding more subrules to rule 19 regarding Sexual Roleplay to make it clear that sexualized emotes should not be tolerated. I think we should, as a community, try to cater to making everyone feel welcome and included. I think the setting very much dictates what kinds of emotes are appropriate. Nightclubs, stripclubs and similar settings are more likely to contain sexual innuendos and flirting, which is where such emotes might be appropriate (within reason). Whereas in small cafés and lounges, it would probably be more s
  4. Protheus

    UwU OwO

    This, but also This man is one of culture, obviously seeing the subtle indications that a new emote shall soon rise. Let us remember him for his foresight when this becomes the new standard. DATA I was wrong.
  5. I, Protheus Catlover, declare to revere the thigs of the thickest, the cutest and the sexiest anime waifus for the rest of my life, even in the afterlife. I denounce my former religion and swear to worship the thighs, thigh highs and thickness.
  6. Who doesn't love a person that appreciates classics like Looney Tunes? Daffy Duck is a cultural icon, and this person is great for paying homage to that by having it as their pfp. Also, an active and positive voice in the community from my limited experience. You can skip over me and compliment them, or do both. I have not been part of this community for very long.
  7. Agreeing with the sentiment it should be moved to /ame.
  8. @jesscatXDfor being super approachable and helpful in regards to properties, responding to my dumb questions. @effionputting me in my own faction for a brief moment before saving the whole of JSA by getting us our /fonline working again. Super friendly attitude.
  9. Upcoming advertisement: Remember kids, playing without a headset can make you a felon when you don't spot the police cruiser chasing you! Be smart, use a headset✨ Sorry to see that you get that! Remember that you can request an expungement in 6 months time if you want to try to get it off your record, it's worth a shot!: link
  10. Are you using DirectX 11? From my own experience, it only works when using that version of DirectX.
  11. I agree with @BjornV 100%, I would also argue that WYSIWYG editor used for this forum is not great. Quotes can be hard to use right, and it is not clear when something "special" is affecting your writing unless you look specifically for it. I am personally a bigger fan of BBCode websites, where you write in the code yourself which gives a greater level of control, but understand that most people do not like such a system. Overall, I would even say that: side forums > main forum I do not support this suggestion.
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