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  1. I got my certifications to drive an engine in an hours time.
  2. There is a reason the Ghostbusters hung out in a firehouse..
  3. Congratulations! Take care, FearnR!
  4. I'll buy your Caracara 4x4.
  5. Can be locked & archived. Both vehicles have been sold.
  6. Frontier Sold! Western Sovereign 2010 still for sale!
  7. Selling a Western Sovereign 2010 & Canis Seminole Frontier! Relatively unused and in good condition, I'm selling these two iconic vehicles. Frontier Current bid: SOLD Sovereign Current bid: SOLD Bidding format is the following: Contact info: Vehicle: (Frontier/Sovereign) Bid: (( OOC STATS ))
  8. In support of this suggestion. I think it would be a great little QOL addition.
  9. Username: King Comment: I fail to see what's newsworthy about this? You caught some firefighters dancing with people of the community... or what is the story? You know FD doesn't always go call-to-call, and it's either driving around looking around, returning to the station to fuel up and prepare for other calls, or sometimes, just sometimes, we like giving our greetings to the local communities we move around in. To see how they're doing and showing them that we're human too. You'd be surprised how helpful people are if they know you. Try again, OnScene Media.
  10. Oh, for sure. I'd like to see people who actually do their research and act accordingly if we ever did get a fashion industry.
  11. @Nightmare Nightwas an absolute delight. Shoutout to @Pillsburyand @Sharvitas well.. Looking forward to seeing you slave away for FD
  12. Will be offering buyout for the place. Please contact me on [email protected] (PM on forums)
  13. Davis Fire Station would instantly become a regular customer! I personally love browsing Facebrowser and seeing some of the amazing sets people put together. I think a fashion industry or more events for models would be interesting to see, and I really don't see a problem with getting more models on the server. I think it could lead to really interesting roleplay.
  14. I really like seeing some of the new activity from walkers and people who are hanging around spots where they appear non-threatening. Had some fantastic casual roleplay with two teenage roleplayers a few days ago on my FD character, and it was great! The more of this we see, the more I think it will gain in popularity. The recent developments in some of the neighborhoods are also great to see!
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