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  1. Folder is missing for me, any1 know a fix?
  2. (Mason Covington, March 2021) This thread will follow the life of Mason "Snowboy/Gotti4" Covington, a well respected 98 Main Street Crip. This thread co-exist with the faction thread. You can find the faction thread by clicking here. I will showcase every-day RP that is not fitting for the faction thread.
  3. I hope you realize there are ROLLIN 60 CRIPS outside of Los Angeles, nowhere near to a 60th Street btw, as well as Hoovers nowhere near to a HOOVER street outside of LA
  4. If I read this correctly you were a part of Hoovers, who claimed W/S and were claiming multiple Hoover sets from 52 to 83, where is 52nd Street, where is 83rd street? Where is Hoover street?
  5. This thread will follow the development of Yorell "Infant Y-Face" Farmer, a half Dominican half Belizean teen as well as Zamari "Infant Shady Dove" Knight, a half Irish and half African-American teen from W/S R20 NeighborHood Bloods. Yorell is a convicted felon and served juvenile life for a home invasion that left 65 year old, Samitra Reyes deceased. He appealed his sentence and was released after spending 4 years in juvenile hall. Yorell is currently 17 years old and is back on the streets and got right back to where he left off. Gang-banging on everyone he can. Just like Yor
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