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  1. Name: DSCHENG Comment: got what was coming
  2. You would think that's the case but alas, it isn't. It's a paycheck simulator alongside a troll hotspot, i'd go far as to saying it's the new Idlestacks from LSRP.
  3. "- Deal with trolls appropriately (preferably don't let them in to begin with)" This will forever be the problem with the LTD, it spawns the most weirdest trolls that you will ever seen, I RP around Little Seoul everyday and the people you come across are a strange breed, what you're saying about making it player owned -- it will still have the same outcome as they will most likely hire anyone who asks for a job because it's just a 24/7. It's been bad from the getgo and needs to be removed
  4. Please do, I'm tired of seeing mallrat behaviour that leads to police being called every hour or so, just ruins the RP around Little Seoul. +1
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    +1 need dis pronto
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