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  1. Name: Jacobi Jakov Javanović Age: 39 DOB: February 1982 Ethnicity: French-Serbian Profession: Attorney / Fixer Height: 6'4" Weight: 205 lbs Background Jacobi was born in Liberty City in the winter of 1982. His father was a first generation Serbian immigrant, while his mother's side was primarily French. Jacobi had an easy childhood, and was afforded many opportunities thanks to his well-off family. His father was a prominent attorney. Being an only child, Jacobi was often the center of attention, and was groomed from a young age to work alongside his father as an attorney and business consultant. His mother was a homemaker, and professional seamstress - the job afforded her the opportunity to stay at home and raise Jacobi while simultaneously providing extra income for the family. Jacobi mother's large group of friends often helped her raise her child, and he was never without a loving set of eyes and ears around him. Jorry and Jolie Javanović with young Jacobi, Spring 1984. His Father, Jorry, worked as a tax attorney and business consultant for a large firm in Liberty City: Goldberg, Ligner, and Shyster. Jorry had went to Law School with Patrick Ligner, who is now a powerful Liberty City attorney. The two had worked in law for over thirty years, and Jorry had worked his way up as a partner in the firm. Mr. Ligner and Jacobi's father worked in a precarious area of legal business consulting, typically assisting extremely wealthy white collar business owners with public relations, legal protection, finances, contract enforcement, and securities. Jacobi found himself thrust into the world of high-stakes and high-profile law, often carrying papers in a briefcase for his father, and assisting with legal word processing. Jacobi loved watching his father solve problems. His father's clients were very loyal and relied on his services to save them from potential wrongdoing and jailtime. He was fascinated with how much weight his father's word carried across the industry. His father would regularly get people off the hook for serious crimes with little more than a pen stroke. From a young age, Jacobi was very interested in the world of law, business, and crime, and he knew his end-game was to be an attorney and fixer himself. Goldberg, Ligner, & Shyster headquarters, Liberty City. Jacobi excelled in school. He was enrolled into many advanced placement programs and extracurriculars, including golf. Jacobi has taken many years of training from various professional golfers from all over the country. Due to his interest in golf, Jacobi was chosen for a full-ride golf scholarship to attend Vespucci University in Liberty City. While there, he majored in Political Science and Business. His golf career excelled, and he was considered one of the best junior golf prospects in Liberty City. After graduating with honors with his Bachelor's degree, Jacobi ceased golfing and continued on to three years at Vespucci University's School of Law. After graduating, he passed the state bar with little trouble. Jacobi's father, Jorry, hard at work, 2003. Jacobi wasted no time to join on at his father's law firm in downtown Liberty City. There, he helped his father with many compliance cases regarding large Liberty City businesses and their adherence with federal tax law. Jacobi also assisted in business planning and decision-making for several high-profile clients. He lived by a quote his Father told him often; "Work smart, not hard." -- He quickly made a name for himself as a dedicated lawman, and hard worker, with an exceptional knack at observation. Jacobi decided to return to Vespucci University for an additional four years to obtain his LLM in taxation as well as a Master's degree in business administration. While working for the law firm, Jacobi also dabbled in equity, buying portions of start-ups and mid-sized companies to help them expand and become profitable. These investment opportunities have paid him back many times over, where he has used the money he earned to care for his ailing mother. He worked with his father and other partners at Ligner's law firm for around ten years in downtown Liberty City. As the years rolled by, he watched as his father's mental health began to slide. At first, it seemed minor, but as weeks grew to months, and months to years, Jacobi's father further slipped into the depths of dementia and Alzheimer's. Unable to practice law, Jacobi's father was forced to resign from the law firm, and to this day is in a deep state of depression, as his own mind prevents him from doing what he once loved. Jacobi Javanović, Summer 2020. Jacobi has dedicated nearly all of his hard-earned money and his time to help his ailing parents. His mother has developed Parkinson's disease, and is unable to sew. His Father is unable to keep the days of the week straight, let alone calendar and appear for hearings. It has pained Jacobi immensely to watch as his parents have faded from their previous glory. The respect and care they showed him growing up he intends to repay back to them in spades. Without his Father working at Ligner's law firm, the job just didn't feel the same anymore. The halls he used to once walk with his father now haunted him. He had to leave. He had to make a new start and keep his memories in his past. With that, he resigned from his high paying position at Ligner's law firm. He spent most of his savings to move his parents into one of the most advanced elder-care facilities in the country. The elder care facility is located across the nation in the state of San Andreas. Jacobi made the trek with his parents across the country. He made sure their needs were taken care of and spent whatever sum of money he could to ensure their safety and comfort. Luckily, the elder care facility is very close to Los Santos, so Jacobi believes he may be able to make a new start in the city and begin practicing law once again. Jacobi's extensive experience as a "fixer" attorney means the door to opportunity is open. Jacobi has been in contact with Mr. Ligner on a regular basis, and he now has plans to open a satellite office of Goldberg, Ligner, and Shyster in Los Santos. Goldberg Ligner & Shyster logo, 2022. Now with his parents taken care of, he feels it's time to expand from his birthplace. He's spent nothing but his entire life in Liberty City with little time to travel or really take in any other culture. The high-stress East coast life has got to him over his 39 years. Plenty of research has been done to look at the business climate of the Los Santos area, and Jacobi is very optimistic he'll be able to form new roots in the city. He hopes to take the money he makes in Los Santos, and make the final years of his parent's life as comfortable as possible - and maybe enrich himself a little bit along the way, as well. Jacobi plans to sit for the bar exam in the coming weeks to continue his practice. What the future holds is a mystery - only time will tell what is in store for Jacobi.
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