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  1. Hi I'm Sergej although that name might be hard for you so jsut call me S! I'm a young adult male from Los Santos who is happily married to my childhood sweetheart who I am happy to see at the scheduled visiting hours! I am looking for an intellectual friend (a meeting of the minds!) willing to engage in various conversations and further my knowledge and eventually become something cool like a Doctor whilst I'm in the jail. I was sentenced to fourteen years for attempting to murder my wife yet we have reconciled and now are building a trusting relationship again! I'm currently on trial for attempted murder at the Twin Towers however I am confident I will beat the trial! If you are looking to talk I would be happy to correspond. I am also looking for the Harry Potter series of books so I would be ecstatic if you could send them to the Twin towers for me! Sorry about the picture wasn't the best camera! Let me know if you want to talk and like my profile!
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