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  1. Anonymous (ID: BC4Bxy2) 01/03/2021(Sun) 08:11:01 No. 304844 ▶ >>101442 >>254532 continue coping. face it, you lost the war. The jews & us blacks won. it's over for you and your race. It's been over since YOU betrayed your own people in ww2. Now "shitskins" like us are LITERALLY replacing you as we speak. the whitoid race is DONE. It's FINISHED. continue hiding behind your screen on a basket weaving mongolian imageboard while ur women are whoring themself out online and in real life. continue while ur "men" are becoming sissys and everyone is turning gay. YOU LOS
  2. Anonymous (ID: BC4Bxy2) 01/01/2021(Fri) 12:21:22 No. 80324 ▶ File: KARABOGA.jpg (SIZE 452 KB , 332 x 500) >>80022 Yeah... Ok, sissy wh*toid LOL! You don’t have to worry about a race war anon... your white women are coming to us black men willingly spreading their legs and taking our seed ... white genocide is real and comes not by violence but thru the wombs of your white women. I’m just one black man in America I’m 25 and I’ve bred 11 white women, but fucked hundreds to turn them to other black men . Hate all you want it doesn’t matter it’s y
  3. Username: antigovernment Comment: I know a good, safe way to accomplish what you're trying to do. Hit up my email: [email protected]
  4. Username: seekthetruth Comment: How much did they pay you to write this dis-info garbage? It's OK, buddy. Keep writing bullshit articles for 50 cents a pop to discredit the actual truthers.
  5. Buying this van ASAP. Other vans might also work. Please leave your offers below or reach out to me via email.
  6. Will pick up the Paradise for $20,000.
  7. In that case the player could immediately be reported and I guarantee that he would get banned for a long time.
  8. I'm trying to fully understand and discuss this, but you're not helping. How is it extreme when OOC consent would be required to even suggest this role-play heading towards this direction in game? Don't consent and you will NEVER run into this role-play or experience it.
  9. But you wouldn't have to role-play or take part in it. OOC permissions are a thing, no?
  10. Not a troll post. I can maybe understand why other disgusting roleplay is not allowed, however cannibalism being banned puzzles me.
  11. Hello gamers, As the title suggests, I personally would like to see murder added to the list of banned roleplay like necro, paedo, bestiality, and cannibalism roleplay. I personally find this type of roleplay upsetting and tasteless. I'm not quite sure why it can be said that real life politics can be considered upsetting while seemingly this type of roleplay gets a free pass. I believe it can genuinely ruin interactions between roleplayers, and make some hesitant to interact with others. Wouldn't it be based to just be shot without the OOC fear of your charact
  12. >The map's already chonky and a lot of people complain how they can not find roleplay. >everyone would want to visit it. doesn't this mean that people would finally find roleplay?
  13. Just give up and start ERPing like the rest.
  14. There is nothing likable about drug addicts. They need help.
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