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  1. Credits to @CaptainOn the format
  2. Tyler Winston : Is a convicted Felon/Ex gang member who has done 8 Years hard time behind Bars. He is 37 Years old at this current state in time and has been doing well for himself since his release in late 2016. Since then he has went into Business Cutting hair in Davis and sometimes Vinewood alongside his young niece who has been taking up Cosmologist courses. Full Name: Tyler Wintson Age: 37 Race: African American Birthplace: Los Santos Height: 6'5" Weight: 220 Ibs Traits: Big Strong Alcohol Abuse Kind of a Passive Fist in later days Muscles Looks scary Smokes Cigarettes like kids eat candy Not to emotional 8 years Prison time Wise Tries to encourage good behavior Family: Rochell Blondell
  3. Make this shit count I wanna see some hard 18 St Shit
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