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  1. Yes, I’m Moroccan at heart. cc: @lucky.
  2. Glover looked horrible after that weight cut man. Nothing unexpected happened though. It's funny to see how my interest has shifted from Light Heavyweight to Heavyweight now. Can we please book some fights for Welterweight soon too? I can't wait for the potential match-ups in that division, I'll be real. Top three divisions: 1) Lightweight 2) Welterweight 3) Heavyweight
  3. Best stripper character on the server hands down.
  4. The health boost promotes actually taking the drugs which in turn keeps the drug market economy alive. Removing the health boost will make drugs obsolete as the demand will inherently be cut short o a zero. If you observe the psychology of drug users, (people want to feel good, want to stop feeling bad, perform better at school or work) none of the real life motivators really translate to in-game to encourage drug use. With that being said, I believe that drug addiction could use a revamp to make characters more physically dependent on their poison by receiving HP penalties if not having used specific drugs for a while, which will in turn stimulate the aforementioned economy. In short: Keep the incentive, but add HP penalties for drug abuse.
  5. Crazy to think someone as small as Edgar used to be Lightweight champion in the world at this point in time. He's a beast though, I hope he'll have one last go!
  6. 2022 has been a treat for us so far in terms of UFC title fights, and I personally can't wait for UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier. Will Cannonier have it in him to dethrone Stylebender? Excited to see it but I don't think Cannonnier will upset the world and take that belt. What do you guys think and which fights do you want to see made in all weight classes?
  7. Starting this thread in the hopes of finding like-minded people with a shared love for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, to talk about UFC and Bellator specifically, but other organizations are welcome to be mentioned as well!
  8. MoreLife

    LSRP Players

    Wasn't D'Aquila a Dutch guy OOC? I vaguely remember him.
  9. 1) PR:RP (Vincent Santello Crime Family) 2) LS-RP (Massaro Crime Family, Sutera Organized Crime Group, Al-Hamah Firearms Ring/Petrela Organization, Bellantonio Crime Family, Houssine Ait Soussane & Associates) 3) GTA W 0) Habbo (MafiaRP/MobLife RP) if you count off Rockstar-client too.
  10. I just started re-watching on HBO Max for the, maybe, 4th time and it never gets old. It's crazy to see how far back the show brings us with the technological and societal issues they were battling at the time. My favorite characters are Chris and Snoopy just for how real they kept it until the end. RIP Michael K. Williams.
  11. MoreLife

    Irish Pride

    Lovely content!
  12. Would you consider a $500,000 bid?
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