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  1. ((2021-02-07, IMEX Response Team))
  2. I think I figured it out, this seems to occur when you spawn in a vehicle from the business/faction garage menu.
  3. Still seems to be the case for me. Edit: It's not consistent, only happens sometimes.
  4. Not a huge deal and I believe it was already reported on the previous test but I didn't see it on the list of known stuff so I'll report just to be safe. If you have a weapon equipped, you'll always pull it out when exiting a vehicle.
  5. some real real Gs, good stuff
  6. I don't think trucking is dead at all but I think the current system is really gamey, rewards grinding out those 500 deliveries and isn't very conductive to roleplay. As it stands, the seniority or the experience of a driver IC isn't really hand to hand with what they drive in a lot of the cases and is a toss up. Sure, that guy in front of you can be in a Mule, a Benson or whatever but he could've practically speedran those deliveries all the while reckless driving, cutting corners and speeding. If companies could assign people these permissions somehow, it would incentivize joining companies
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