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  1. Nothing but a pleasure having you around bro, RIP JC 🙏 streets wasn't ready for him.
  2. s/o to @Visceral, always a pleasure. Keep it up boys.
  3. These boys killing it, keep it up.
  4. Geo


    no you're pretty shit at it....
  5. If you're interested in joining the WCM side of the faction feel free to message me at geo#0617 for more information on how to do so, or ren#1942 if you're interested in joining the organized crime side. We're seeking dedicated roleplayers that want to contribute to the continuity and longevity of the faction, not anyone looking for a free fun time to shoot others.
  6. Will be missed, what an ending to a great character.
  7. No luck needed, take it far boys.
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