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  1. Available to sign the contract now. Provide a contact number I can reach out to you. (( PM works. ))
  2. 70 SMOKE TREE ROAD, SANDY SHORES. Trailer in Sandy Shores is up for sale. 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, cozy, open-space and views from one-and-only Mountain Chilad. 1-2 minutes drive away from the center. Click HERE to access the location. (( PROPERTY INFORMATION: )) BUYOUT: SOLD.
  3. 3080 user here. No massively-altering experience with the latest version of NVE. I run GTA in 4K and traverse the map all day from Davis, Mission Row, to Paleto as FD folk. Do the following tricks to maximize your fun at no cost of FPS: Replace 'patchday18ng' file in DLC folder with Vanilla. This combats the texture loss all NVE folk have. You can keep the 'mpspecialraces' to get the full benefit of NVE lights. (Credits to USER.) Turn Ambient Occulsion off. Saves you ~20 FPS. Try to alter your brightness and saturation instead. Reduce Shadows to High. No noticeable difference between Ultra/NVIDIA PCSS and High with Softer or Softest. Saves you ~1GB VRAM. I am able to retain 4K60 with these settings, and should work for all regardless of your specs. FHD/2K players may alternatively turn on MSAA to minimize jaggedness. I tested the map mod in a morning session and noticed a ~5 FPS drop at Mirror Park when all vegetation loaded on screen at once. Experience may vary with the player, weather, and time factors.
  4. 16:36: Swift Rescue Water 3 on a mission. Underwater familiarization training at Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash.
  5. 15:42: Co-operation between Urban Search and Rescue Division and Lifeguards for reported submerged victims, Terminal Buccaneer Way.
  6. That is called multi-tasking in a text-based envrionment. It is in the nature of such role-play. Our actions that would take only a few seconds in real-life can translate into minutes in-game based on how fast we type. That is also essential to immerse ourselves on scenes and achieve the best P2P interaction. The following must be met in order to provide the best RP from our side: What are the wound(s) of the player? How responsive the player is? How fast the involved parties type? And more. Yes, you are allowed to evaluate a player's pulse while boarding them and cover them with a blanket if necessary, all in a short span of time. That can take up to minimum 5, maximum 15-20 minutes of your time, which of course would take much less in real-life. We should always acknowledge the significant difference between the real and in-game time for the best of all parties.
  7. One of the two main reasons why I've stated it to be used for short-range only: Minimize metagaming and constant abuse with removal of name-tags (e.g. F7) and limited range of operation. Substitute to an AIR unit without defeating its purpose and priority.
  8. Short description: Allowing players to enter first-person mode to capture the footage of event(s) from a specific distance. Commands to add: The obvious one would be /drone to deploy the item, /dc or /dcapture can save a screenshot. Once in first-person mode, you can F4 to quit similar to /mdc and /cad. Items to add: None, if not an item resembling Drone. You can purchase one from stores such as Davis Mega Mall and simply role-play it. How would your suggestion improve the server? In a packed server like GTA:W where you can come across events/scenes daily, we can put a Drone in use where it's necessary. In FD, we are planning to introduce Drones for our Search and Rescue operations, in which it would serve a similar purpose for other agencies such as Sheriff's ESD or Police pursuits in case of no available AIR units. Media Outlets may utilize it to take a footage of certain events and etcetera. Additional information: If possible and approved, remove name-tags and limit its' area of operation to avoid MG.
  9. Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Dive Training:
  10. If a Medical Clinic acts as a corner-shop in a far-off place, If a Clinic is privatized, If Head of the Clinic sets up their own rules including corruption as the 'business owner', If Clinics don't function as full-fledged mini-Hospitals, You can't transport, yes. Your claim regarding the transportation of wounded players to Government Hospitals' ER falls short, though. It's not that you run a stretcher inside a Hospital interior and NPC an operation procedure — you drop and go. If a Police needs to interrogate a shot suspect realistically in an RR, how does the process work? The fact that many people don't want to spend time in Hospitals, role-play recovery process and majority even find it possibly boring, are the reasons why Hospital faction would never succeed in long-run — a process that would eventually drain doctors' motivation. Players investing on Doctor RP are criminally low, yet alone having the budget to rent a place and hire employees. Imagine dividing them into different clinics. How efficient would that be? Zero. Only provides conditional RP situations like pharmacy. That's why a public Clinic can work as a Medical 'Center', just like the Fort Carson Medical Center we used to have in LSFD in LS-RP for patients in county: No flashy exterior, no extra medical handbook except those interested in following Trauma Surgeon (Specialists can improvise), no faction activity requirement, and that'd be a reason for a lot of players to at least give it a try. Put Head of Factions in charge of selecting a trusted leader to review applications, create the mandatory corruption and IA documents and properly manage the fund required by GOV, it's done and dusted.
  11. You can't compare running a Hospital faction to the likes of LSPD, LSSD and LSFD. For such a niche community, it is very rare to find a dedicated group to effectively lead, train the newcomers, prepare the mandatory medical handbooks in accordance with the real-life techniques, yet alone do all in long-run. Once the leader(s) decide to step down, you have no choice but to assign the highest-ranked person to the acting position. You can never be confident how well the faction run by probably an inexperienced player, especially given most of the Head of Legal Factions are, also, uninterested with the medical role-play, thus not able to fill the empty shoes. For a server missioning realism as their top priority, doctors' presence is ultimately vital. I had a brief chat with an old friend from FD, who confirms most of the medical calls center around GSW. A paramedic can provide primary aid (BLS) or further (ILS, ALS) and transport, but cannot stich a wound, extract a bullet from a person's body nor offer P2P interaction in Intensive Care Unit for those interested in detailed RP — where doctors' duties come into play. The suggestion is great, however you can't do much on your own as a Doctor except showing off your title in your friend group. You must have active Clinics; laboratories, ERs to obtain the most efficient solution. I assume the current procedure for FD is to NPC once transported to hospital when in reality it can be to any open Medical Clinic with providing an active Trauma Surgeon an opportunity to role-play an operation. It's win-win for both parties; all you have to do is to make Clinics public, let them be supported by GOV (access to /dep and funds), have a private/trusted leader and ask for availability via departmental. Instead of witnessing leaders burn down from heavy responsibilities, make it player-friendly while offering a decent payment from GOV.
  12. The issue on hand isn't resources. An appropriate and realistic approach to Doctor RP requires basic knowledge such as GSW (Gun-Shot Wounds) and screening procedures (MRI, X-RAY) which are provided in handbooks. More procedures can be added or revised via moderators assigned by who Head of Legal Factions deems necessary. Then, selected individuals can work on the projects hidden behind the closed doors until the clinic is ready to function. The issue is the privatization of the clinic. Once it is run by the few selected, is not a faction run by GOV; no funds supported, you are on your own. You can't prove players the clinic will survive in long-run besides the talk. Motivation, determination and dedication can instantly fade away and you'd only be whispering false hopes. If a player leaves the server now and comes back in six months only to see the clinic has already shut down its doors, it causes a waste of time. The clinic must be supported by GOV and be public. The owners shouldn't burn out themselves as if they are running a faction and attempting to train every doctor in the server. An examination for LPM as I've stated above is necessary to read and understand the guides. There can even be specific amount of guides to prepare, as a proof of dedication, which works as the real-life counterpart of references/resources that would allow you to increase your title (Assoc., Doc., Prof.) which can be totally optional. My point is, don't try to follow the traditional LS:RP approach. Play different. You can fetch many fun, creative, ideas for clinic. Make it friendly. The moment it looks harder to achieve, it will collapse. Players will shortly lose interest and move towards what identifies 'Grand Theft Auto' as a faction — LSPD. I'm certain we can proceed further with many ideas, if Head of Legal Factions shows interest to take a step ahead.
  13. Hospital has specific amount of players which often doesn't pass the 7-8% of the entire server population. If you create a separate Hospital faction, it will near its death once the dedicated role-players lose motivation and vacate their positions; thus leaving the faction vulnerable with an inefficient service. Let Government issue LPM (License to Practice Medicine). Ask Head of Legal Factions to have feedback from experienced Hospital/medRP to create a sheet required for examination. Put a GOV employee in charge to review the examinations of LPM and if successful, grant people the access to appropriately RP a physician in the server. Let everyone know anyone can become a doctor without putting too much stress on their shoulders. Open a public clinic and make it accessible for everyone. Similar to taxi or mechanic duties, let the LPM-holders go on-duty here and welcome patients. If possible, assign three Sedan vehicles for advertising and visitations including births at home, prescriptions for elders or even for illegal activities such as treating a wounded gang member at turfs. Amend the rules for a direct P2P corruption; bar any doctor to take advantage of you with how they desire or vice-versa. Let doctors freely, and realistically, role-play and taste the server without limiting them to a faction and killing it afterwards with no sign of activity. If you raise the awareness, more players will be inclined to give it a try. Try to create a warm, welcoming, place for a clinic instead of slapping the stereotypical official faction status etiquette on it where everyone knows it won't survive in long-run. A simple faction/business thread including all doctors' information and an appointment form with the simplest moderation access would work.
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