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  1. Fortunately, these working details happen only once every 2 days or so and I imagine we would only go to 1-2 locations per detail.
  2. Suggestion template Short description: Allow inmates/deputies to remove graffiti with the new graffiti script. Detailed description: With the addition of the new graffiti script, this allows more dynamic and fresh opportunities for inmates to remove graffiti. This can be great for inmates because most graffiti is gang related and this can cause a mix of emotions for gang members. For example, inmates may be forced to clean their own gangs graffiti or rival gangs cleaning graffiti infront of rival gang members. This will allow deputies to branch away from the predetermined locations they already have and find new locations to go and do community service. Commands to add: /cleangraffiti Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Inmates who may be lifers who commonly find them self on the same location for work details can expect to be in new places, cleaning allied or rival graffiti. It allows more roleplay opportunities for inmates outside of TTCF and impacts both legal and illegal roleplay. Additional information:
  3. Sounds like deleting a character with extra steps.
  4. I think this was suggested but it was denied because of abuse/pg reasons. Not sure though
  5. sounds good to me, probably an easy fix too.
  6. just bumping this to get some more opinions
  7. I'm SD and I don't expect someone to have to sit there and actively roleplay their entire sentence. At that point, what's the difference between IC jail and Admin jail. Our jail shouldn't be a punishment to the person behind the keyboard. Plus: We will only release you when you want. I've asked many people before if they're ready to go and they'll tell me they want more time.
  8. Hey, I'm a deputy for FUN. I'm not here to win like catching suspects is a sport. Let's make it fair and fun for everyone.
  9. The highest we can jail someone is 20 days, and that would have to be for some heinous shit to get 20 days. Most sentences I give people span between 12 hours and 3 days. We also have a full on appeals and court system where you can be bailed out if you don't feel like serving your time.
  10. I can't support this. Some people have characters and other players to interact with and they don't want to have to be in game for their entire 72 hour sentence. You can always go to the LSSD forum and request to be a lifer on an alt character.
  11. Short description: Add more bags and cases Detailed description: After looking at the items in the game files, I've noticed that we don't have many bags or cases that we can carry in game. I believe we only have a med bag, brief case and a purse. We can have at this moment in the GTA files, different kinds of gun cases, brief cases that are open displaying diamonds, money, a statue, as well as an empty phone shaped slot brief case. There are also regular leather accordion style briefcases, metal and hard plastic briefcases, brief cases with locks, cases with explosive signage on the outside, small pistol cases and the list goes on. I see this vastly improving the way we go about carrying our everyday materials. For example, a police officer is walking out from this police station after checking out his rifle. He would be carrying a long rectangular gun case with it and store it in his vehicle. Or a security detail is transporting very secure information and use a briefcase with a secure lock on it. Commands to add: A section in /anim with bags and cases Items to add: ba_prop_battle_vinyl_case - Vinyl record carrying case ch_prop_ch_case_01a - Accordion brief case ch_prop_ch_security_case_02a - High security brief case hei_prop_heist_thermite_case - Thermite case hei_prop_hei_security_case - Metal security case prop_box_guncase_01a - White pistol case prop_box_guncase_02a - Blue pistol case prop_ld_suitcase_01 - Soft carry on suitcase w_am_case - Tough box case ba_prop_battle_bag_01a - Medium sized duffle bag ch_prop_ch_bag_01a - Medium sized duffle bag (red) ch_prop_ch_bag_02a - Medium sized duffle bag (blue) bkr_prop_duffel_bag_01a - Bowling ball size gym bag hei_prop_hei_paper_bag - Sack lunch bag prop_carrier_bag_01 - 24/7 bag prop_poly_bag_money - Clear bag with stacked money inside prop_shopping_bags02 - Multiple shopping bags prop_tennis_bag_01 - Tennis racket bag How would your suggestion improve the server? I can see improving immersion in game by immediately letting people know what you may be holding. At this time, someone may not know that you are holding a particular object unless you state it in /me or you show them your inventory. Allowing players to have a more appropriate way of storing/transporting their items in a container that is fit for whatever that item is (i.e. paper, guns, money, food) instead of the backpack/dufflebag would be greatly immersive. Additional information: There are plenty more bags/cases, the above mentioned are just a few I thought would be essential
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