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  1. Dump for all my XD related roleplay. | Just some highlights/faction screens or other outliers I don't know where to place Quick Time Xavier takes a trip unannounced to the Rancho Neighborhood. He arrives within his location, parking up his vehicle before exiting it. Whilst walking, he's pressed and all hell breaks lose.. leading to him being robbed. Following nothing being lost, he returns to the Apartments, sparking up a conversation with a new friend. T5/Tragic Night After a quick stop to the store (didn't edit these) and some conversations to catch up with friends. XD spots his affiliate ##### sitting within his vehicle, he sparks up a conversation, speaking about the tragic death of T5 from Campanella Park Piru. Distraught and Disappointed, the duo reminisce on life and the past. XD offers to place up a memorial for T5 before sparking up a cigarette for the second time in his life to cope
  2. If I'm talking about interactive/immersive- 984MSMC(Turned NHC) vs 83 Hoover, at-least the start of that roleplay was something to witness. The whole BLM protest RP, the properly done one was nice to watch. Fun However - Prob the BLM Protest as well and some the earlier days when the server's sync was ass, was hilarious to watch people's vehicles flip or somebody die from the smallest issue
  3. Texture-loss and garbage sync ahh the good ol days
  4. feel like I'm in a never ending hell of the same hoover set
  5. Don't really know how a mallrat/idk what type of roleplayer purchasing a singular pistol at an extremely taxed price is going to effect the overall gun economy... And then most established factions already have understandable relations with a gun dealer OR are suppliers themselves (Speaking OCGs/LCN Factions specifically since they're usually connected within their own way) so its like who knows......
  6. The last part you mentioned is important within the games current economy since there's a similar issue going on right now. There's been an influx on rifles so the inverse of your statement has happened, with their prices decreasing at times, where as some SMGs have became taxed due to a lack of them within the gun economy. IMO If you're spending 90K on a PISTOL? That's an IC problem that you need to figure out... You're obviously not intune/connected w the illegal market and need to ig roleplay 2 figure out it lol
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