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  1. There’s no justification to use the script and power game a cheaper alcohol into a more expensive drink, where the ingredients or base alcohol is turned into something completely different. It’s just plain abuse. I don’t care how you justify it, it’s still wrong. If you want to RP something around it, it needs to be RP’d after the fact with emotes or put in the name rather than using a cheap way to make more script money with an OOC exploit. Does the replica issue happen in real life? In China it’s certainly been a problem but not so much in the US. Entire bars have been shut down for that and even can be considered criminal to do so. However, there’s no way for the player to EVER know it’s fake in the game, making this very one-sided. There’s never any chance for them to find out unless it’s in the name or emoted. It’s power gaming with an OOC exploit, plain and simple.
  2. New feature? Add a temporary /event command you can use (once an hour?) that produces an advertisement and gets added to a list in the main menu, just like Open Businesses. Add a timer to it just like business ads, so that it only stays in the menu for a certain amount of time. Obviously this would have to be enforced for abusers using it for things that are not temporary events. Could be useful for more group gathering type events. So you type /event Car meet at Del Perro Pier! at the exact place the meet is going to be. This will produce an advertisement under [EVENT] in the chat box and then adds the event to a list like the picture below. Once in the list, you can hit enter on the event and it will automatically generate a GPS route on your map to get there.
  3. Just remove the reputation gain from "Thanks" and "Applaud" and let those be used in an unlimited capacity. Keep the reputation gain and limit on "Upvote" as it is now so people can upvote truly good ideas and posts when its deserved. This appeases both sides. Problem solved.
  4. Lol? Should've kept reading then, instead of jumping to conclusions about the idea. It's not censoring. It's enforcing already existing forum rules that tell people NOT to argue back and forth creating a shit storm. It's pointless and leads to nothing but clutter for the handling admin. Yeah I'd definitely not want reports to be private. I'll be more specific about that and edit it into the main post.
  5. Can you not just use the "Craft Liquor" item for any of the spirits? Tequila, Vodka, etc. It's more universal.
  6. This is what I've been saying. These quick muggings would be quick and dirty. Give me your wallet, your phone and any visible valuables. Sometimes they don't even get close enough to do a pat down. It's supposed to be seconds not minutes. I'll stretch realism a bit because we're on a RP server and go as far as to say a QUICK pat down, but nothing in-depth. A lot of these robberies are going into a full on strip search in the middle of the city and that's just plain STUPID. So what if you don't get everything they are carrying? You got something you didn't have before.
  7. Gotcha. I wasn't entirely sure, but still. I think you got the solution already. Just put the base alcohol name in the item name in brackets and then people can report for powergaming if it's not used correctly and let's admins check more easily as well.
  8. I think this is the solution right here. Just put the base item used in the item name and then let people sort it out themselves. This can then be reported under Powergaming, I'm pretty sure.
  9. The /createdrink script is used purely to rename items for immersion purposes, but it doesn't show the BASE alcohol item used. Someone walks in and wants a Budweiser, a bartender can use /createdrink and rename a BEER to BUDWEISER. For example: 1) A bartender can currently take a BEER item (costs $60 from the liquor store) and use the /createdrink script and rename it to "Margarita". A Margarita should be using Tequila as its base, which in-game costs $120 or more (I believe). The customer OOC'ly will never know it was a beer to start, since the item name just reads as "Margarita". Why? Pure OOC money hungry. Its cheaper for the business owner or the bartender to use a cheaper item and pass it off as a more expensive item. There's no way for the patron/customer to verify the item was made with the right alcohol base, as the script doesn't show that. It makes more money for the bartender and the business owner doesn't have to buy the more expensive (albeit, correct) alcohol base items.
  10. Because it's not an IC issue, to be frank with you. This is abuse of an OOC script that allows people to custom name drinks in their establishments. It should be punished via their main account, not just their character. Using a cheaper alcohol as a base is just plain OOC abuse, there's no other way around it. You wouldn't pour beer into someone's glass and add margarita mix and say here, this is a Margarita. It just makes no sense IC'ly. These people need to be Admin punished and have it on their record that they abuse the systems in place that were created for the immersion of other role players, not for their OOC need for script cash.
  11. In-game reports have usefulness especially when it has nothing to do with a player report. Sometimes there is a genuine bug that needs Admin intervention. How does one get that handled if in-game reports aren't available? This is not the solution, sorry! Just my opinion.
  12. Bump. Still think this would benefit reports greatly.
  13. @Briutas When the item is created, in the item name itself, does it show the base item used to make it? Could be an easy way to counteract this issue. If someone opens up their inventory to use the item and it says Champagne but the base reads (Beer), this becomes a simple issue of reporting the business or player who handed you the drink and let the Admins sort it out. This doesn't seem like an IC issue because its impossible to make champagne from moonshine and there are plenty of other examples. This should be OOC'ly reported and punished because its nothing other than money hungry business owners and players exploiting the system.
  14. @Alyssa McCarthy Just to clarify the situations were things that Ive seen, not necessarily things that happened to me lol. I just posted them for discussion purposes, as a I’ve seen and heard all three scenarios. The one that happened to me was just out of sheer curiosity on how it happened lol.
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