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  1. @Tempesto That's a short term fix, but it won't solve the underlying issue when people have no limit to what they can sell the property for. Instead of 10 properties that all sell for massively inflated prices, you'll have 1000. It's happened before on other servers and it would've happened here eventually. Adding more supply won't lower the value of properties like you think it would. They would continue to increase regardless to the point where no one can afford anything.
  2. Have you not seen what this does to the housing market on other servers? I'm assuming not. This is definitely not the way to go. It doesn't ever balance out, they just get higher until no one can afford anything and then the market can't be repaired without a hard reset. No thanks. This isn't real life regardless. There is no dynamic housing market. Prices don't rise and fall with any sort of market. In real life, buying a house is not a guarantee you can sell it for more later. The housing market could crash and then you're stuck with it until the market recovers. Not everything is about a cash grab, even in real life. Some people buy a house to live there and have a family. They aren't always thinking, "I can sell this for a profit in 10 years". Come on now. That's a poor justification to fit your narrative that everything is about money. I hate to break it to you, it's not always about money.
  3. I don't know, maybe so they can RP there rather than flipping it for an IC money grab? It's also against the rules to buy a house with the sole intention to flip it, so your point is moot.
  4. I believe it was amended into the rules, to allow for that to be a solution for people who don't donate. I've seen a few of them in the ads, but the problem with that is people are IC money hungry and charge stupid amounts to advertise for other people.
  5. Just to clarify - Under Section 14 in the Server rules: "Using donator features to make IC money (furniture slots and /bad are exceptions and are allowed);" Not saying this is the solution, but it is allowed.
  6. This right here. At the end of the day, if poor RP is shown on either side, report them. If someone says they have something hidden that you didn't find, then file a report and have them show their proof that it was hidden. In my opinion, the biggest issue is what others have said. If it's poor RP, report it. Too many people don't report poor robbery RP. For the amount of people on this thread talking about how bad robberies are, there is a serious lack of reports in the report section about it. Can't fix the problem if you don't report it. Look what happened when enough people speak up in a short amount of time. I'm sure Nervous had that drug system fix in plans for a while but suddenly when 3,4,5 threads get created all in the span of 48 hours and blow up to 10-20 pages each.... management takes note. If robberies have gotten that bad, then there needs to be more reports being filed so something can be addressed.
  7. I see a lot of reports where gun deals and drug deals always end up as scams or robberies as the end result rather than the deal actually going through. It's a wonder that these deals actually happen 🤣
  8. Personally, I think there's just as much problem with the legal side as there is on the illegal side of this whole thing. If someone gains the upper hand on you with a weapon, more often than not a sane, rational person would not try to engage in a wild west gun fight with the robber. A lot of legal role players seem to have this mentality of shoot first, ask questions later and it's completely unrealistic in most situations. In rare cases where someone has properly developed their character with documented role play into reasoning for being able to do so, sure. The average person is not going to think angles such as, "if this guy drops his gun or turns his head, ITS JOHN WICK TIME." Take the loss. I know that sounds harsh, but that's the way it is. http://lapd-assets.lapdonline.org/assets/pdf/cityprof.pdf For those complaining about the frequency of robberies, here's a snapshot of crime in Los Angeles year-to-date in 2020. Sure, we aren't role playing Los Angeles 1:1 but it's a decent guideline considering Los Santos is based off of it. 6,962 documented robberies in just about 11 months. Robberies are just part of criminal RP, so honestly robbery frequency shouldn't bother anyone. What should concern people is the quality of the robbery. @Charlesvito summed up my same thoughts pretty well, so I'll just leave this here on the note of issues on the illegal side: Robberies should be realistic and make sense for your character, not because you think OOC'ly it will be an easy cash grab. Stop expecting people to /showitems after 5 seconds and conduct them in locations where you're not looking over your shoulder every 2 seconds. It's not role play if nothing is allowed to develop on either side. We're here for the experience. Both sides should benefit from a role play perspective. At the end of the day, if people are genuinely breaking common courtesy rules, report them. Stalling, poor robbery RP, whatever it is. Report them. The problem can't be addressed if you just let it go.
  9. It’s not in the server rules, but there are multiple instances in the reports section where admins have said in a general sense, that /showitems is not mandatory during a robbery.
  10. I'm fairly certain one can apply for a CK for lack of fear already. Leave it up to the Administrator to determine the punishment. The OOC punishment is so there is a record of bad behavior that doesn't disappear when that one character is deleted/CK'd/etc. There is a need for it. You don't want the same player to be CK'd multiple times across multiple characters for lack of fear, continuing to break rules with no OOC record of punishment. Leave it as is. No need to fix something that isn't broken.
  11. You know what assumptions do. I am not one to do that, so your entire point is moot. Thanks for playing.
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