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  1. ADHD

    [BUYING] Bati 801

    Hellhound bought. Still looking for the Bati.
  2. ADHD

    [BUYING] Bati 801

    Payment will depend on any modifications performed and mileage. E-mail any offers with images to [email protected], or contact 25-448-291.
  3. * Name: Emily Harriet McBride * Phone number: 2770-450 * Email: [email protected] Comment: Greetings. I've provided my contact details in hopes of setting up a meeting for an individual house showing session when convenient for your realtors. Feel free to contact me with regards to the scheduling, as well as the portfolio of my personal financial disclosures which I can prepare. Hoping to hear from your company.
  4. Buyout for the Elegy was been availed in private at the last minute. Argento & Elegy sold! L&A
  5. Current bid for the Argento raised to 385,000$, ending on 22:00:00, ten minutes from now. Elegy bidding started, ending on 23:00:00, one hour and ten minutes from now.
  6. Noted. Bidding on the Argento will end at 22:00:00 PM, one hour from now.
  7. Both vehicles sold, congratulations!
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