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  2. konstantin popovic / pancevacka luka smetlarevic / srpska mreza marko djuric / srpska mreza viktor majstorovic
  3. ako vam se ne svidja otvorite samp rp i ko vas jebe poz, godinama sam igrao lsrp znam o cemu pricam
  4. (( )) Asking price $125.000
  5. Asking price: $54.000 (( ooc ))
  6. i'm developing my character but no one is gonna tell me how to develop it, i have my own ways of developing my character and that fella you agree with clearly has issues with how others portray their characters. I'm not going to wait months to get involved in drug deals or car theft, i'm not going to take ages to decide what is good and what is not for my character icly.
  7. thank you very much, but i will always choose illegal roleplay and will portray my character how i want to, and people in politics and goverment like you will always bitch about illegal roleplayers and their character developments.
  8. That's what GTA is about, I'm not here to develop my character for months until he's brought into illegal side of roleplay, not gonna force my character to either puke or take pills when he kills someone.
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