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  1. Date of incident: 21/JUL/2021 17:40 - 18:15 Servertime

    Rules broken: 1) Common Courtesy, 2) Powergaming

    Your ingame name: Daniel Wadzinski

    Names of witnesses (if applicable): Shane Bradley, Robert Newsom, Martin Pikeman and Tim Baker

    Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): At or just after 17:45 (servertime) I conducted a traffic stop on Anabel Quintanilla in her black Maxwell Asbo (FVO289) for reckless driving. My initial interaction with them was fine, she then decided to run from us in her vehicle for whatever reason, which lead to a short pursuit. A short while into this pursuit, she crashed and flipped her vehicle several times, initially roleplaying their injuries before driving off then later on they (from my pov) purposefully crashed into another deputy and then into a wall, before driving off again which is when we terminated the pursuit.


    Clip 1 - Inital crash where they rolled multiple times.

    Clip 2 - Driving off from the initial crash.

    Clip 3 - Purposefully crashing into a Deputies car, then a wall, then driving off.


    I have more evidence if required!


    @Biscuit - for handling my /report.

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