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  1. Hello! I'll be selling off this gem of mine that I've had for a while. I'm going to miss it, so I'd like it go into good hands. I'm going to be making sure I quality check the people buying the location. Attached are the images of the location. It's a restaurant with a Hawaiian theme. Very well designed with a main dining room, a side dining room, a restroom, a kitchen, an office, and a walk in freezer. [FURN PRICE] 129,247. [MARKET PRICE] 75,000. Buyout: 404,249
  2. I'll bid 18.
  3. mars


    Name: Vittore Valentino Bid: 500,000 Comment: We'll take good care of it for you, buddy. Not worth the 690 for the money that's going to be sunk into it.
  4. Umai Sushi Taste the meaning of "Delicious" We are a sushi restaurant on the corner of Palomino Ave and Vespucci Blvd. Under new management, Umai Sushi would like to bring the meaning of "Delicious" back to Los Santos. We are in need of aspiring staff to assist the restaurant. Bonuses are offered for those that bring in hard working referrals. Please call us at 8585-369 or email us at [email protected] ((mars#3995)) Manager: Open! Currently, we need someone to staff the restaurant during the day time. Must know Japanese. Should have management experience. Chef: Open! We require sushi chefs who are dedicated to the craft. Interested but wish to learn how to make sushi? Our head chef is able to teach, and is actively looking for a replacement. Server: Open! We actively seek out custom service skilled servers to strive for a better experience for the district. Our goal is to recruit excited, hard working servers to serve our community. Delivery Driver: TBD The position is in the air for now, and may be open for our servers to opt into for extra cash.
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