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  1. Username: frequentescortuser Comment: on bro i fucks with the online shit, brings them to my crib all the time.
  2. If you have the problem of getting robbed. Get a CCW and make the robbers actually fear something. Because if I am broke hood roleplayer looking to make some quick cash. Some rich people standing outside of a house in Mirror Park with nobody around is perfect. And I know nothing is going to happen at all. Especially with the PD, they not catching me for shit
  3. This is a bad idea due to admin response times. While my crew was trying to conduct a heist on a open business. It took them two hours to respond, and then say "Spam report". Same thing with /breakin. It would just restrict RP like crazy. A kidnapping is in the moment action, not a two hour wait type of action,
  4. I'm just going to state one example. Then I want you to tell me if that makes sense. You biggest enemy is currently being set-up by one of your friends. This big enemy killed half your faction. You end up finding him/setting him up. You try to kidnap him. /do Am I allowed to kidnap. /do No. ??? And lets be honest here, the stalling and metagame in robberies is bad enough. This will make it worse. Stop trying to restrict roleplay...
  5. good run. but it’s still rip duppy man
  6. I fuck with this MC heavy. Defo the best rn, keep it going.
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