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  1. Lockhart


    I think we need to manage the balance between simplicity and realism. We can overcomplicate a lot of what we do but it knocks the balance and causes more confusion and/or hassle for what it's worth.
  2. Just gonna give my 2 cents. I think that whilst this is a nice incentive, it makes it to easy to get your hands on a car. Renting a vehicle is already cheap enough to start players off and the starter paychecks soon mean players can afford cars anyway. This would hopefully also mean that the taxi service sees increased demand, which it deserves. I understand that most people in a real setting have their own vehicles but it takes time to save for any car, no matter how luxurious, and this is something that is currently missing. You should either have to: 1. rent a vehicle short term 2. save and purchase your own vehicle 3. get a taxi
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