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  1. It’s hard to determine exactly where the leadership is, and where the organization ends, and where it begins. It’s mostly a loose-knit group where whoever has the goods at the time, whoever has the connections at the time, moves up in the chain and takes control of that and then it can switch. They go to each other for whoever has an in to whatever criminal activity is being pursued. It’s very difficult to counter because we can’t determine the hierarchy because it is fluid; so it’s a different way; its an emerging problem. Albanian organized crime is becoming more of a difficult task for us. FBI AUDIO-REPOSITORY In the Albanian culture of the criminal underworld, organized crime has been considered the highest level of organization of professional criminality, and it stands before the creation of different organized groups and gangs that partake in criminal offenses. Albanian networks have developed in the United States mainly with their increase of power, creating one of the most violent criminal organizations in operation. Albanian gangs are believed to run in the USA since the mid-80s, most of the time participating in petty crimes, such as burglaries and robberies. With their increase of power and trust among the criminal underworld, later they would become affiliated with Cosa Nostra crime families before eventually building to strength as powerful as to run on their own. For the majority, acquaintances between members of Albanian crime organizations are very old, created from childhood, at school, or in the territory of the neighborhood they live in. Albanians have enough of an interest to be bonded together: their blood. They strongly believe in each other, but once wronged they are one of the most unforgettable people. The member count of a criminal network consists of a couple of groups with 10-15 persons. The number of collaborators is very low as they only trust their own people, while they would work with others but not to a higher extent. The average age of persons involved in the networks appears to be around 20-30, at the time when criminal offenses are committed. As they get older, they learn how to be more careful and avoid any law enforcement agencies. Hundred of thousands of Albanians and others who fled the Balkans for the United States in recent years have emerged as a serious organized crime problem, and as a serious threat to American safety, increasing crime rate and drug trafficking. Kujtim Neziri, known as Tim or Timmy, was a result of an Albanian family who immigrated to Los Santos. Kujtim is an Albanian ethnic, born in the USA who picked the Albanian culture from his family and his neighborhood, which has been famously known as an Albanian Diaspora in Los Santos. Law enforcement agencies are well familiarised with Kujtim, as his criminal kickoff starts as soon as he was in his middle fifteen, mainly for burglaries and robberies. He and other Albanian ethnics born in Los Santos have started working for a common interest: money. Money brings people together, as money brought the group of Albanians feared by Los Santos locals together. Kujtim has not made his intentions of leading the group clear, but every Albanian ethnic makes sure to not step on his word in their district. - OOC Information • The faction seeks to portray an Albanian mob mixed with some gang like qualities. • We will will not accept any trolling, and each member will be expected to adhere to server rules. • We seek /strictly/ for quality over quantity at all times. • Upon joining Diaspora Shqiptare we suggest you to do a bit of research into what we are roleplaying. • The faction aims for realism and we will always help out as much as we can to those who need it. • Individual character development is prioritized and you're expected to be able to create roleplay on your own. • Once your character has begun interacting with the faction the leadership reserves the CK rights over your character. • If you have any questions you can shoot them to: @ez Credits: @ShadowNG for helping out with the thread and graphics!
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