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  1. Viscaria said really well here. I'm speaking as a person who received countless PMs of "where is the 15 FD online atm and not my call??" And I was also shown evidence it was used toxicly against us in various game related chats such as the /f, something along the lines of: "FD has 20 people on duty but they still NPC my scene." I'm afraid it's better gone.
  2. Afaik in any human interaction what we need to strive for is to find a middle ground between polar opposites. Here you are advocating for your own side, yet I do not see a compromise made on your behalf. How would you have it be simplified? Where do we draw the line on simplicity in your opinion? I am asking because once we make FD less complicated, we get people complaining FD isn't realistic enough, then when we make things more akin to reality, it's another issue for another fraction of the community. My opinion is that things are fine and in that we teach our new members to analyze the situation and alter the amount of detail applied. We are also teaching them to ask questions on a broader sense. Rather than asking "What is pulse?" we get them to ask "has he lost enough blood?" and then from there onward we generate the vitals according to the ailment. But this is a compromise we made that leaves us vulnerable to some instances where knowledgable people take advantage of our abstractions and force unpleasant situations that put IC careers of EMTs at stake. IE, we ask if blood lost in high volumes, then we generate the vitals our own but the patient may make up things we could not foresee and not tell us simply because we didn't ask. Hence, cause their own death, etc. So I ask again, what is the ideal compromise in your mind?
  3. Burgers, Tacos, Chocolate, Water, ECola, Sprunk if we don't have the room to add more items. Or you can actually work on a whole menu of items depending on the store you guys decide. I wouldn't say what scripts are sold would be a concern, I just think such a business would be nice. It's not entirely different than 24/7's, Hawick Gunshop or Gas Stations. Managers can't rely on staff constantly, staff can't rely on managers constantly. These establishments are leased and killed within a week or so. Very visionary and constructive.
  4. Not like leased fast food chains last longer than 2 weeks anyway. Sacrificing one as public domain would not hurt at all. In fact, I propose it should be one in the county and one in the city.
  5. Personally, I think it should only work in the city limits. Otherwise yes, I think it should be gone.
  6. Sorry but this is a blatant lie. A lot of the active FD take almost all the calls they can.
  7. I was just about to make this suggestion especially now that Fire Department keeps dying in PHMC.
  8. Username: SaddestShitIEverHeard Comment: Maybe if people listened to something other than edm/house, club owners could put up more alternative styles, yeah? Is harder when someone walks in, hears techno and says "WOW THIS SUCKS" and leaves.
  9. Username: CarrysBoots Comment: Take us off sometimes your feet stank
  10. First of all, there are a few things to mention here. I know our group isn't the target with what you are saying, but I will present it as an example to make a case. We try different concepts almost every week, with 3 completely varying nightclubs and according themes. Using the profit as a success criteria, you will note easily that the "boring, same old stuff" is more successful than experimenting with alternative DJs and genres. Also one thing I disagree with is that your assumption; same group of people can not offer variety. We can and we are offering variety when it comes to the businesses our characters run.
  11. Meanwhile the profit margins are low given the relatively reduced prices of the food items, I guess this would fit well with the set of "good nudges in the right directions".
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