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  1. There's a solid reason why homeless RP isn't that common, it's because as soon as you identify as homeless on GTA, somebody WILL give you a car, food, somewhere to live and immediately try to change your character without asking. If this happened IRL, there wouldn't be any homeless people.
  2. ¿suɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ʍollǝɟ 'op noʎ op ʍoH
  3. Although it would be hilarious if they increased the spawns of wild hogs exponentially in the county and made them aggressive to anyone that enters the forest. Paleto Bay Battle Royale mode when?
  4. I think we're straying off topic.
  5. I do sincerely appreciate all of the feedback brought on by the post, as well as admins getting involved with their own personal opinion on the faction. A lot of you have brought up pretty good points that argue their existence or cement their position on the server and creative discussions are definitely the way to go when it comes to a particular topic. I never blatantly stated that I dislike their presence or enjoy the atmosphere brought on by SAPR, it's a discussion where players in the community can publicly discuss their opinions on it. Having said that, based off of former members of the faction, current members of the faction and even staff team members (Whether affiliated with the faction or not) that you all seem to have a strong opinion of either how to change things or justifying their presence. That's perfectly fine, that's exactly what the thread is for. I think a lot of people also misjudged my post, because I specifically highlighted the job climate and how SAPR may or may not get a lot of public relations roleplay with the Hunters up north (On account of the inability to make money up there) and that's okay. Simply, from what I'm trying to convey - if there's some sort of an update on the current job climate to make it more favourable for Hunters that might have to pay upwards of $55,000 to even start making money, there might be an influx of people who are at the Parks and there may be even more roleplay opportunities for the Park Rangers. I doubly understand that SAPR aren't just stewards at an event where they check licenses and let you go on your way, but if a lot more Hunters got involved with exploring the grounds and hunting game to make money, then roleplay with the SAPR and the rest of the server would drastically increase.
  6. I think I only really highlighted the job meta is because if the job meta was more favourable towards hunters, where they'd earn MORE money, there'd be a much higher presence of hunters up there that aren't just there for recreation, but employment!
  7. Let me just comment before people start to reply to the thread: I understand it encourages roleplay and the SAPR faction does a hell of a lot more than just check licenses and patrol the woods, I certainly understand that - not every portion of roleplay is supposed to accelerate server and character development. I've been asked twice with two separate SAPR surveys to fill them out and give an opinion, so instead of that where nobody sees the feedback, this is what this thread is for!
  8. Hear me out before making a specific comment about why you agree with their presence or disagree with it. Before we deep dive into the aspect of Park Rangers, can we simply discuss the current job meta on the server? How to earn money through the server's jobs and everything? I'll start with a few basic paths of employment on the server and their general rate of return: Taxi Drivers - $5,000 plus $500 for both licenses, as well as $300 every time you rent a taxi. From the start, you're down around $5,800 before you begin to work. Garbage Collectors - $500 for your driver's license. From that, you're down $500 before you work. Mechanic Work - $0. It takes you as an employee $0 to start working as a mechanic, which is one of the most (if not the best) profitable moneymakers on the server. Bartenders - $0. As an employee, you don't have to pay anything to begin to earn $4,000 (Or however much your employer pays) per hour. Hunters - $10,000+ for weapons and ammunition, $25,000+ to get a decent vehicle to move carcasses - which means $10,000+$25,000 is $35,000+ before work starts. Which means realistically, based off of how much money you make hunting, it can be upwards of 20 runs to even get your money back and break even. Now I highlighted the points above because the Park Rangers' main duties involve preserving the parks and checking hunting licenses, doing scout work and working in the capacity as a Law Enforcement Officer, though restricted to the county's forests. With the current job climate in mind, the rates of return for individuals working as a Hunter are simply not worth it. When somebody DOES get the chance to go up and hunt, they're often found surrounded by Park Rangers. Me myself, I've had it before where I've had about four different cars come up and ask for some ID. I understand that the roleplay up there can be quite scarce, which is why I drive the point home. Are Park Rangers TRULY needed? In theory and in practice, it's a wonderful idea... IF the job climate was more favourable for hunters. Even before they've stepped foot on the hunting grounds they're looking at paying around $35,000 for a low end car, a rifle, ammunition and the proper licensing to actually get up there and start to shoot. I get that some people might do it recreationally, and that's fine, but the problem still stands. Is a full faction truly justified for such an endeavour? I understand that yes, it also encourages roleplay up in the county, but what are they doing that the LSSD can't handle up there? I also got word that this: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQmskETefp6yQ8fU2o-mWUWE3ysIqZJeN6p-nxQQr6j3Zf9g/viewform A survey for SAPR was posted in their OWN SAPR discord. Discuss. And please keep it civil.
  9. The same people who demonize ERP do it themselves. I say do whatever the hell you want, on a few conditions. Don't make it the whole basis of your roleplay. Don't do it in excess, where the amount of ERP outweighs the amount of normal RP. Don't break the rules when it comes to ERP, which includes beastiality, necro, pedo, all of that. If you're at any point uncomfortable with the roleplay, speak up about it. There's nothing worse than toughing it out until the end. It only prolongs discomfort. Fade to black is a handy tool. Use it. And if people criticise you for using it? Too bad. Make sure that the ERP you do is accurate. Don't be RPing wielding a 16 inch dick or having breasts bigger than medicine balls. Be realistic. Don't make a futanari character under the false pretences of "trans" characters. It is very disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ community. If you make a character for the sole basis of ERP, then this may not be the server for you.
  10. Akali

    Eastside Angel

    With GMV closing and a good majority of the people in the faction not playing anymore, can this be locked?
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