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  1. Would be cool to up the distance, but I think that if you're far away from a person (30+ paces or so) you should still be able to read their /examine, though it'd be scrambled and slightly distorted.
  2. RIP. You will always be Chief to us.

  3. What if one of the rewards of the loot boxes is more panda points? That might be fun!
  4. There was only one other person who said this: Gambling, more specifically online gambling. I used to get paid on a Friday morning and lose every penny after midnight. Some weeks were alright, but others weren't great. I didn't seek help, I figured that seeking help was admitting fault, so instead I used https://www.gamcare.org.uk/ to deal with it. Now if I wanna make an account on any gambling website, it instantly blocks the account. If people can't believe this part too, but to help get myself off of gambling, I just did GTAW gambling instead. Around the height of my addiction was November 2020, I used to make characters, afk for 40 hours and gamble away every $200,000 I got. I'm probably why there's so many gambling truckers out there. i also smoke 30 cigarettes a day, i'm probably gonna be dead by 30
  5. Has to be an IC issue. Not only that, are you willing to pay for a namechange for someone? @Zinneera
  6. Username: LazyShan Comment: I just wanna comment that not every protester was there to cause trouble. It only took a select few people to start manipulating the masses and controlling the narrative of the situation to turn this whole event into one of utter chaos. It's an extremely ignorant mentality to start blaming Davis as a whole, when there are civilians with no gang affiliations that inhabit the place not by choice. ((@Coburn)) Bobcat if you believe that a mass killing of civilians is the answer, then you're actually fucking stupid.
  7. It all boils down to one thing, and that's moderation. I'm sorry, but I only know a handful of illegal faction roleplayers that roleplay for the development in that scenario, and not for personal gain. It's sad to see that this server is a lot like one big asset-grab to get better guns, nicer houses and flash cars. That's not to say that legal faction roleplayers are good people either, there's always a harmful amount of NASCAR drivers with their tricked out, fully modded Japanese import just waiting to rip around some corners and crash into a fiery mess at the bottom of Banham Canyon. Meanwhile, on the opposite spectrum, there's an overwhelming amount of minority-based characters (Hispanic, African American, Asian) that reside in South Central and play the game as if the apocalypse has dawned on the server. People strive for resources, weapons, drugs, ammunition like this is DayZ. Both mentalities need to stop, because they are eventually becoming a cancer on the server. (And they already are a cancer on the server). BOOM! There's a robber, masked up, armed infront of you and is heading towards you to do you harm. If you pull out a gun and kill the robber, you're branded a PF warrior with no concept of illegal roleplay. But if you decide to comply and roleplay it accordingly, you become a victim. There's no scenarios in legal roleplay where we're the ones with the upper hand besides if you're Law Enforcement. You have about four different choices for legal roleplay. You can either be in a government faction (LEO/LSFD/DMEC etc etc) where your sole purpose is to be a cog in a machine that centres around South Central. Usually a character with little roleplay outside your respective factions (And that's perfectly fine.) A legal roleplayer that isn't exactly legal. One that might sell drugs, or do things that break the law that might be minor in comparison to other illegal factions. Those guys are pretty rare, but they do occur. A socialite character, one that's usually a student or a mechanic or whichever role you chose to pick that frequents clubs, drinks beer, enjoys themselves. These are the club owners, the mechanics, the bartenders, the students. The factionless characters of the server. That one percent of legal roleplayer that's totally different with unique, beautiful concepts of characters that teem with development, post regularly on a character profile or with screenshots that the two groups before them strive to be, and are often jealous of their existence. Like a vulnerable flock of sheep; If you fit into the last two categories above, you will eventually become victim to crime. You are taught to roleplay properly, be an outstanding citizen that might smoke a little weed or might speed through red lights, but no matter what your character does, you are a victim. There's always going to be wolves trying to eat you. That's where, the very first category I mentioned above, are the guardians. The sentinels, the legal faction roleplayers that bridge the gap and equalise the server. One thing for sure needs to stop, and that's the mentality that just because we're roleplaying legal, does not mean we must live in fear and be shamed and treated like shit if we protect ourselves against illegal characters. If you kill a criminal who intends to do you harm, you're a PF warrior. If you opt to not fight back against a robbery, you're a pussy. There is NO happy medium.
  8. Following this thread before a staff member has to intervene due to random shit slinging between Legal Communities and Illegal Communities. Also try roleplaying something different guys? If you spent a year playing legal, try illegal, and vice versa. Or do what @ChromaticDeathsays and roleplay a CIVILIAN?
  9. Name: definitelynotafirefighterEmail: [email protected]: I literally got burnt fighting this fire and you retards at Gruppe 6 think you can take the credit? Hell no. Fuck you pieces of shit.
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