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  1. not getting 1.1 aint gonna stop me bustin' a nut, it'll just be a very sad one
  2. i didnt bust a single nut during the entire year of 2020 and in the 1hr its been 2021 my nuts are swollen with hot [REDACTED]
  3. The very first apartment I built for myself and a friend to live in - it's not quite up to the L I C E standards of today, but nonetheless my work:
  4. I was commissioned to turn a two room apartment into an inconspicuous one room apartment housing a dark secret... you think it's a bathroom behind the door, but oh my friend... quite the opposite...
  5. My name has a meaning, you see. Luxury Interior Creator Extraordinaire, or L I C E for short...
  6. WIP Working on another apartment for a different friend currently, a more regal style befitting someone of wealth and finer taste (a rich boomer):
  7. Another project for a friend, he bought a lounge but didn't like that the top room was essentially a gambling room, so I converted it into an office and business room:
  8. A friend's pub that we built months ago that I've worked on gradually until the point where we're satisfied. It's complete with a cold-room for the booze supply, an office and a toilet:
  9. A friend's apartment I furnished from start to finish in roughly 4 days:
  10. Yo I'm L I C E, I been furnishing for a while now and I'm almost at the point where I might start offering my design skills out, so I'm going to dump a load of images here. I've worked on a few projects, mostly apartments but I've done a bar or two as well and I'm steadily improving. I'll probably likely use this thread as a reference and a portfolio of my work in the future. My own apartment:
  11. L I C E stands for Lesbians Into Coffee Experimentation
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