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  1. these guys rock!!!! some of the best rpers on the server in this fac, big love
  2. the fun begins in D-seg, a true test of ur rp ability. its also not a nuisance to rp mentally ill at all, the sheriffs department eat that shit up - got me some of the best rp ive ever had, theyd rather deal with something compelling than just ye ol criminal number 1130652352352352526435225 so long as ur portrayal is solid and not completely cliché. u will get a lot of good rp in prison so long as ur not behaving like the typical davis banger barely fit for the server who run in circles like theyre 5 years old irl and beefs everybody. i did d-seg for a 4 week stay and the rp was top notch than
  3. If we have no standards, everybody becomes a 17 year old Japanese mechanic with a CCW. Love, sure, I'll give you love but ONLY if your RP is at least decent first. I consider RP like a group project in English literature class - don't expect to sit back and claim credit at the end without contributing something decent first.
  4. My character is a Japanese mechanic who came over from her hometown of London, Japan. She's seventeen years old (eighteen next week!) and studies mechanical engineering, and her dream is to become a street racer. She owns four race cars and spends her free time that isn't spent working the garage or hanging with her pink-haired friends drifting up and down the streets of Los Santos in order to put in the practice required for her desired aspiration. She's hardworking, unrelenting, kind, forgiving, strong, cheerful, wealthy and- Wait, what was the topic again?
  5. i fuck wit this, ur style is clean, cinematic. keep it up
  6. I don't even think it's a problem with the players anymore, more the support team and what applications they're accepting. I truly don't understand how these people get on the server in the first place, they seem to lack the brainpower to even complete the application when you end up with the misfortune of bumping into them IG. How are they getting in? Friends completing their application? Support team letting them in out of pity on their 10th failure? I don't understand it.
  7. More melees like fireaxes, sledgehammers etc
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