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  1. well, this shit was fun while it lasted... 7 pages, holy shit i cant imagine i did that amount of screenshots... might come back every now and then to occasionally post roleplay scenes
  2. and yes he lived, sorry for the bad first aid rp...
  3. Ezekiel H. Mendez is a Filipino-American person who dominantly looks American, born in Los Santos with an American mother and a Filipino father. He does not have any siblings which leaves him as an only child, their family has nothing significant in regards to wealth or anything. Luckily, Ezekiel does not harbor any negative trait in which society would have found him as an outcast, he lived normally all throughout his childhood without any problems. It was noticed that Mendez, as a child, was strangely fond of the playground around the neighborhood in his home. There stood the memories with his family and friends, which he have cherished throughout the years. One unfortunate thing occurred in the very same area he has a slight obsession with, someone was stabbed to death in the same spot where he likes to sit every now and then. Such a disastrous event resulted into the demolition of the playground as it was indirectly ruined by the rumors commenced by the locals that there was a ghost in the area, eventually leading to the area being deserted which resulted to its demise. Ezekiel was eventually devastated with the news of his refuge from the problems that surround him getting destroyed, he could not do anything but to stand still and see it redeveloped into something else with his own eyes. From that moment later on, he realized that death and the consequences that surround it can be truly terrifying from a young age. He firmly believed that partaking into the field of law enforcement would be a small price to pay in order to help and prevent death of others with all of his might. He finished his education, earning himself an Associate's Degree in the field of Criminology. Upon graduating, he wandered for a while and has finally decided to take on a new path for himself.
  4. A photo of Mendez played a prank on by his FTO during his custody orientation. This character introductory thread shall tackle and follow Ezekiel H. Mendez's development throughout his career within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD).
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