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  1. Selling my baby, reluctant to put her up for sale but struggling to afford the running costs / haven't got a place to store it over the winter. Here's a list of modifications made to the car: Aftermarket security package - This includes better locks, a vehicle tracker and the car can be shut down using an app on your phone if someone is ever successful breaking into it. It's a fortress. Full Turbo Conversion / Remap - A turbo has been added to the car along with a full custom remap done on a dyno to ensure the power delivery is smooth. Aftermarket Brakes - The car has a Big Brake Kit put on the car to cater for the increase in power. Sports Suspension Aftermarket gearbox and clutch - car has had a brand new gearbox and has been fitted with an uprated clutch so it can handle the power a better. The car has also had a full respray within the last two hundred miles in British Racing Green. Car has only been hand-washed using premium car cleaning products and correct cleaning procedure (No sponges or brushes have ever been used on the car in order to reduce paint swirl marks, it has been professionally detailed recently / sealed) The car also comes with a custom registration plate "OLDIE" which finished the car off nicely. Car is due a service soon so I've reduced my asking price to reflect that. Car is currently not being used so mileage will stay roughly the same. Contact me via Email if you're interested. $220,000 ONO.
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