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  1. Hey! ✌️ Themed business existed when I first joined the server, and to this point themed cafes exist in todays America, and in the server, there of course exist themed cafes too, an example of this is the Catgirl Cafe at Hawick, turned into a Princess Cafe from the last time I visited, a Javascript Bubble Tea Cafe at Rockford, a cafe front ran by Illegal Factions at El Burro, Cool Beans Cafes at San Andreas Blvd, Sugar Daddies Cafe at Mission Row, the Greenhouse theme Cafe Redemption at Pillbox the big one, Cafe Italia which was a Indoor/Outdoor Italian themed cafe at Pillbox/Mission Row, to this Garden Themed Ground and Pound Cafe at Mission Row. It is advertised as it is said on the tin can. You can’t label it any other way, just as you would take a can of soup from the shelf and ask why isn’t it a can of baked beans.😁 Some of the read post, I’d like to put my opinion across is that; as a player, each need to evolve in their role-play situations, and to primarily make sure that yourself are enjoying your time in the server, and the services and role-play that you provide; an example being a business, bar, nightclub etc etc also takes into effect and consideration that other players are having fun. Not every role player wants to handle and deal with negative role-play that impacts them, to point where it’s draining your very soul, kudos on you if you like that act to yourself. As a player unless disclosed to us, we don't know where players character are from or what part of the city they come from and what they go through on the daily. Sometimes it is simply the CURIOSITY, uniqueness and promotional aspects that attracts players to visit business, if you don’t like what you see or you don’t like what is being advertised then simply just don’t go and find role-play opportunities else where. At the end of the day, the community caters for players worldwide, it’s part of enjoyment, it’s a game and it is what makes others happy whilst keeping inline with aspects of gameplay + pseudos + realism and server rules. If a player feels out of place on that character, then once again, maybe visit it on another character that may feel appropriate for you to do so. No business should ever make you feel unwelcome, however that isn’t always the case, it’s just a matter of adapting to the situation and I could say the same should I just visit a cafe front by mistake. I’ve gone to establishments where I was senselessly harassed by other role-players including being power-gamed 😞, robbed by just being at the park because they saw the text chat 😑, buffed up characters asking who the manager is already knowing their intentions 😒, and that itself isn’t as enjoyable. I visit and interact in business to admire players work and further enhance in learning server culture and role-play. It is understandable that players have recently returned from a hiatus and welcome back to them, and a big thumbs up to what role-play you may be doing, but I feel should you not know the history of a business or establishment or what hell hole and work those players had to go through to achieve their development, then some advice that senseless bashing needs to come to a stop and keep the negativity away from demeaning others work, because you don’t want to be taken to Isengard and help the hobbits or find ridiculous interior, again you always have the option to opt-out into visiting those. With property management staff part of this topic, and have already stated, concept request does exist, owners contact PM admins before proceeding, which then becomes an extensive work for both the player and the admin; this business interior from the OPs motion and other players opinion about other businesses and interiors not to their liking, thats okay to have that opinion! however it is most likely that property management attended to some of these interiors even during its earlier stages and saw through its phases. I’ve personally have been met with a few denials by PM in the past under their previous management, with one denying introducing a concept and another about relocation. To point it out, this was opened as a themed cafe on exactly on 21st May 2021, over a year ago, and had been advertised as a garden themed cafe; the place was designed to have a themed concept, it took participants months, investing time learning to furnish, mood-boarding, admin assistantce, money, furniture slots and, ALOT of IC and OOC disagreements with friends, to the point they wanted to break each other’s necks, to eventually being PM Approved completing this place. TL;DR: Regarding Interiors: You have the option to opt-out. Perspective is everything, the perception and artism of the creator will always be different to that of the audience. If you find it unrealistic, ask around, research about it or report it. 🕊️✌️
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