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  1. Username: caddyenthusiast88 Comment: he's here
  2. Username: straycatlukeComment: this place is real retro, i dig it. try the strawberry shake.
  3. Username: caddyenthusiast88 Comment: yeah this guys dead
  4. Username: offthemeds Comment: what? theres only 1 sheriff!!? i thought every officer in brown was a sheriff wtf??
  5. Username: caddyenthusiast88 Comment: i went looking for this bastard last night out on catfish view. i felt an evil presence out there, worse than when i heard the paleto bay sirens song. got out of there immediately. this thing is pure evil and needs to be stopped at any cost
  6. Username: caddyenthusiast88 Comment: is this thing real?
  7. If scanners are gonna break and have such a limited range, they should be dirt cheap. In full favour that they should scan the whole property. Lol, "balance" when you've got like 10 bugs placed around an apartment with no way to reasonably combat it. It's almost as if one party doesnt have to worry about a budget or equipment limitations and can get away with putting as many as they want
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