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  1. **A comment is posted by a user labeled 'An0nym0use1312' through the Tor network** "50 bands for the first one who rapes this bitch and posts it on the dark web! 75 if she snuffs it"
  2. weede


    Private investigative agents, agencies could become an actual thing if not for the fact IFM gave weapons suppliers the wires/tracking devices. Now, people need an IC or OOC linkup for usually quite expensive bugs if they want to RP an investigator with tools they'd have access to IRL. Unless I am mistaken and this is something a roleplayer could apply for separately? AFAIK the devices are limited and merged with the weapon supplier role rather lazily.
  3. I have 3 cars. A pimped out van with a sliding door, a pimped out lowrider with such powerful hydraulics as to contribute to heart failure in the weak, and a bright orange 230k SUV which goes to 130mph. I have no ragrets.
  4. Username: lesbiankiller69421 Comment: ban this you fuck head /"\ |\./| | | | | |>~<| | | /'\| |/'\.. /~\| | | | \ | =[@]= | | \ | | | | | \ | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` ) | / \ / \ / \ _____ / |--//''`\--| | (( +==)) |
  5. It's always the people of Davis who get the blame falsely. Last time certain people falsely blamed an increase in crime and degeneracy on a specific ethnic group who were supposedly migrating to where they shouldn't belong, and had laws put in place to restrict them because of this, it didn't go very well.
  6. Furthermore you want to illegalise types of roleplay because it might affect you if it doesn't go your way! Why don't we just illegalise all criminal RP outside of Davis? Or introduce a Criminal RP license that you got to show an admin every time you rob a honkey and get questioned? Where's your criminal RP loicense mate
  7. These screenshots look out of context, I don't see any "8 gang bangers from Davis" here. How do you know they were from Davis? Maybe they were from Del Perro, where a new gang has opened up. Or maybe they were from Strawberry. Did 8 people all fire at once, or did a rogue element with anger issues decide to commit the shooting? You don't go up to an area like this full of CCTV and private security with 8 people to murder one guy. You go to intimidate. The murder must not have been planned, must have been in the heat of the moment. But no, you blame it on '8 gangbange
  8. Username: lesbiankiller69420 Comment: why could it not be one of the dykes instead of this fag
  9. Have you got any evidence of this shooting by an 8 deep gang from Davis? @liq
  10. I find it hard to run sometimes due to the sheer weight of the drip on me neck, the wad of thousands in my pocket and the Mini Draco stuffed hastily into my waistline.
  11. We need a parliamentary democracy of players, and not the men of always, deciding what happens in the server. How often have you seen the same people as admins on GTA RP servers? It's clear some get in due to their connections. Frequently changes are made with a poor level of discussion between the changemakers and community. In illegal RP too. Like that horrible weapons specialist thing where you need to find some guy to make your gun fire auto and all firearms retroactively becoming semi. Or the detective devices being added to the weapons supplier ro
  12. I bet it doesn't even cause crashes, at least not as much as claimed, and a few opinionated cunts just said it did to manipulate outcome in their favor.
  13. Admins removing snow pandering to minority complainers. No integrity, no balls.
  14. The admins ban half the gang bangers eventually because they don't realise that the 'DM' that happens down there, IRL is both frequent and frequently without 'good reason'. They also don't take into account that the scene is incredibly competitive to the point where it could be classed as PVP. Not to mention the cops and their 30 point system and 2-3 week court cases which they justify as being 'the best on any server' (yeah for the lawyers, cops and judges) which a lot of Afro rpers just offline for because there's practically no real black car in the prison system which is domina
  15. I am convinced there's some players who wait near the airport spawn to flag new players and manipulate them for an easy get-off. Sit in a taxi and charge them $500 a gram for weed after a short conversation or such. At least that's what happened to me LMAO motherfuckers
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