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  1. 'GTA lore' is toilet humor filler and to those who take it more seriously than they are supposed to - you deserve to get laughed at. BAWSAQ, Cherry Popper, Didier Sachs, Speedophile, Shitzer; the list is endless. Walk around on any street and you'll see a crude cock joke. The new Continuity Management's job is to take a lump of shit, throw it in a blender of random ingredients then trash compact it for you. It all needs doublethink to prop it up anyway. My opinion is to just add in whatever as long as it doesn't look as butt ugly as GTA's stuff. And that would be a chal
  2. Keep it going 🙏 💯
  3. Market Price: 35k ((No furniture)) Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/y5Jkb8F Starting Bid: 70k 5% discount for African-Americans
  4. I completely agree. Some administrators blur the lines between OOC and IC themselves by thinking people in game, like the Hakeem situation, should act according to the admin's concept of rationality, especially when the action in question is performed against another player. This player walked into a crowded nightclub - not crowded in the sense there's a bunch of witnesses who can use their OOC mind and logs to identify a witness but a place crowded with drunken, drugged up dancers who are immersed in the music, with extremely dark lighting. On an unrelated note, I feel like a
  5. Fire Marshals only serve to add an extra layer of both IC and OOC bureaucracy, which this server is already plagued by. If they suddenly disappeared, a good number of people would a better experience on this server and the rest wouldn't notice or care.
  6. **A comment is posted by a user labeled 'An0nym0use1312' through the Tor network** "50 bands for the first one who rapes this bitch and posts it on the dark web! 75 if she snuffs it"
  7. weede


    Private investigative agents, agencies could become an actual thing if not for the fact IFM gave weapons suppliers the wires/tracking devices. Now, people need an IC or OOC linkup for usually quite expensive bugs if they want to RP an investigator with tools they'd have access to IRL. Unless I am mistaken and this is something a roleplayer could apply for separately? AFAIK the devices are limited and merged with the weapon supplier role rather lazily.
  8. I have 3 cars. A pimped out van with a sliding door, a pimped out lowrider with such powerful hydraulics as to contribute to heart failure in the weak, and a bright orange 230k SUV which goes to 130mph. I have no ragrets.
  9. Username: lesbiankiller69421 Comment: ban this you fuck head /"\ |\./| | | | | |>~<| | | /'\| |/'\.. /~\| | | | \ | =[@]= | | \ | | | | | \ | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` ) | / \ / \ / \ _____ / |--//''`\--| | (( +==)) |
  10. It's always the people of Davis who get the blame falsely. Last time certain people falsely blamed an increase in crime and degeneracy on a specific ethnic group who were supposedly migrating to where they shouldn't belong, and had laws put in place to restrict them because of this, it didn't go very well.
  11. Furthermore you want to illegalise types of roleplay because it might affect you if it doesn't go your way! Why don't we just illegalise all criminal RP outside of Davis? Or introduce a Criminal RP license that you got to show an admin every time you rob a honkey and get questioned? Where's your criminal RP loicense mate
  12. These screenshots look out of context, I don't see any "8 gang bangers from Davis" here. How do you know they were from Davis? Maybe they were from Del Perro, where a new gang has opened up. Or maybe they were from Strawberry. Did 8 people all fire at once, or did a rogue element with anger issues decide to commit the shooting? You don't go up to an area like this full of CCTV and private security with 8 people to murder one guy. You go to intimidate. The murder must not have been planned, must have been in the heat of the moment. But no, you blame it on '8 gangbange
  13. Username: lesbiankiller69420 Comment: why could it not be one of the dykes instead of this fag
  14. Have you got any evidence of this shooting by an 8 deep gang from Davis? @liq
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