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  1. focus on development man dont go to the forums and ask how to get noticed.. upload pictures to the faction thread to show that you are active as well. maybe find someone who's high rank in the faction and ask him to take you under his wing.. become his runner at the start of the development or something find yourself some rp dont relay on the faction to just give it to you. start sell drugs deal cars make connections
  2. trust me when i say this, i tried to run it as admin. I re-installed the ragemp. i verifed my steam game many times. still the same massage. i seached everywhere how to fix it. i even tried many things i found on this thread https://rage.mp/forums/topic/12225-hello-i-have-a-problem-with-the-launch-of-the-raid-loads-rockstar-and-anti-cheat-and-then-closes-the-raid-help-please/ but still nothing it happen ever since the last game update https://gyazo.com/de6382a5a8a67e5c4cd7179ae330db61 https://gyazo.com/2d6d0ceb50179ae9183e26a56410a86a
  3. do i get money if i comment here?
  4. @phixion you madafaka you congratz
  5. Misix


    Misix is love Misix is life we all want to be Misix
  6. Misix


    why do you guys think nervous got a character named misix test in his account?
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