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  1. Rented out on a month to month basis until further notice. Can be locked and archived.
  2. Alta 4 is renting out this newly renovated property in Vinewood Located on Alta Street in Vinewood This is a 2 bedroom, two bathroom stand alone apartment, suitable for college kids looking for a decent apartment, a couple friends looking for an affordable place to live as well as a new couple thinking about starting a family. This apartment also includes, a kitchen, living room, dining area and multiple balconies. The rental fee is $10,000 per week or $30,000 a month. ($10,000 discount if paid up front for the month) Rent is due on the first of each month or every Sunday if a weekly lease is signed. All rent is nonrefundable. Contact me on my email at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or call me at 532-7066 for any questions or viewings. ((OOC: The apartment furniture is purposely mapped to give out a phony luxury vibe. With Ikea like mismatched furniture and just the base necessities. It is designed to look like a property furnished to make money in rentals. Not to sell)) Property Brochure: Living Room Bedrooms
  3. Will trade with a Dinka Millennial.
  4. The mule 4x4 was one of my suggested vehicles as I beloved the truck needed a facelift. But considering its been over two months since launch I still can't figure out why the trucking script hasn't been adapted to it? Please let me know a time frame on it. Thanks.
  5. Sorry, not anymore. We bought one already.
  6. Rough open on SASCAR season 2 Follow it here!!!
  7. ((Can't buy a mechanic shop bud, it can only be leased via property management))
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