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  1. $135,000 for the Komoda.
  2. Matt_S


    (Sold, Can be L&A)
  3. Buyout if previous buyer retracts there offer.
  4. Starting! If I may come and see the place contact me [email protected] ((forum PM))
  5. Matt_S


  6. Matt_S


    ((ahhhhh ok)) ((gotcha))
  7. Matt_S


    ((Right well I apologize if its against the advertisement rules but the buyout is still available and the bidding doesn't end yet so I thought bumping was still allowed. (I have no idea whether this was an ic or ooc complaint) ))
  8. Username: Matthew Comment: Enthusiastic, talented and a brilliant mapper. Would 100% Recommend his work if you are looking for high quality mapping. Just yes.
  9. Matt_S


    Bump, Still available.
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