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  1. these guys are the best good luck! R.I.P Ru Gotti - FTP
  2. Come on, let's not pretend this is some attempt in trying to censor all type of RP that may be offensive. This is one form of RP that upsets alot of people, from the looks of it. We're only adressing rape here, stop trying to act like this is the stepping stone for drug dealing being banned. That's just deflection.
  3. I'm not too fond of people equating the violence you can see in the base game without RP to the perverted sexual violence this rp is, it's a bit disingenuous. As Lice said there are other avenues of trauma you can experience that aren't as damaging to the players OOC. For the people saying they never experienced or heard of rape IC, I've been on GTA:W for two months and have heard of three accounts of such happening on my character. One just the other day, in fact. I also love rping deep and meaningful conversations with people, so I get dumped alot of information like this to me IC.
  4. For me that’s just not the same type of disturbing roleplay, it’s not sexual in nature. Is it really a loss if people leave over not being able to do rape rp? People leave over rape happening to their character aswell, even jus attempts. Personally I would just remove rp revolving around that yes. That’s up to the admins and the community to decide what rule should be enforced anyways. Maybe just have it be part of your character backstory at most? Idk.
  5. Let's not derail this and make it about ERP. The focus here is this abhorrent rp, that's a topic for another day.
  6. Hello gamers, As the title suggests, I personally would like to see rape added to the list of banned roleplay like necro, paedo, bestiality, and cannibalism roleplay. I personally find this type of roleplay upsetting and tasteless. I'm not quite sure why it can be said that real life politics can be considered upsetting while seemingly this type of roleplay gets a free pass. I believe it can genuinely ruin interactions between roleplayers, and make some hesitant to interact with others. Wouldn't it be based to just be kidnapped without the OOC fear of your character being raped, possibly triggering some form of irl PTSD? I know someone who was kidnapped and the individuals involved attempted to get that type of roleplay done, obviously the victim refused and logged off - they didn't return to GTA:W for two months. And yes, I understand it's realistic and so on and that there are some very difficult topics engaged in this roleplay community... I just don't believe this just should be one of them. Meaningful rape rp sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it? I know there are some players out there who constantly roll chars to engage in this type of roleplay, which is pretty grim. I would also like to add that while both parties may have consented to engage in such roleplay, but was I asked for consent? Dealing with the aftermath of rape through RP is also quite upsetting for me. I would never consent to this type of roleplay, but I have been confronted several times by characters who have been. Looking forward to your feedback about this one gamers, have a good one.
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