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  1. Username: Erinn♥ Comment: Oh my God, the absolute pampering I received here almost brought me to tears. The absolute MUST GO to get yourselves treated like royalty. Ella runs the best in the city. LUCY is an absolute treasure!! Thank you for making me feel like an absolute Queen today, ladies. ♥ Five stars, five stars, five stars!! Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. San Andreas State Government Office of Senator Summers San Andreas State Government Staffer; Location: San Andreas State Capitol, Los Santos, SA. Salary: $45,000-$65,000 Annually. ((Weekly)) Job Type: Full-time. Responsibilities: Personal Administrative Assistant(s) will assist Senator Summers with day to day tasks, including but not limited to; - Community engagement - Meeting organization - Schedule maintenance - Personal transport - Event coordination - Departmental Relations Requirements: - All Applicants Must be 21 Years or older at the time of application. - Valid Drivers License is required for this position. - Clean Criminal Record. - Communication Skills, fluent English required both in verbal and written. Bilingual applicants favored. - Relevant Job Experience. Business Administration, - Associates Degree. APPLY HERE.
  3. (( Information updated as requested. ))
  4. Single family home with separated garage for sale in Mirror Park. Seller reserves the right to deny buy out offers at their discretion. Until the sale is confirmed, all offers will be considered. Starting Bid: $1,000,000. Buyout: $2,000,000. Any bids with less than a $50,000 increase from the prior will not be considered. (( Marketplace Value: 207,000 - Furniture price: $0 / N/A - Empty interior. )) (( OOC Pinfo AS REQUESTED: ))
  5. Buyout + Small MP property + Additional assets included. Contact 3991 or email through here.
  6. 33 Miles - 17 Days of insurance Bidding starts at $500,000.
  7. 100% agree with removing the 2 a month limit for additions to the guns!! Plsssss
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