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  1. Rest in Peace 🕊️

  2. Gerardo Guzman was born in 2000 in East Los Santos as the second son to migrant parents Jose Guzman and Maria Guzman (Maiden Name Maria Robles). Gerardo parents would both work jobs to pay for the bills and rent of their small apartment, from a young age Guzman was exposed to the effects of poverty-induced stress on his family as he witnessed his father fall deeper into alcoholism and his mother rely on opiates. Gerardo older cousin, Luis Guerrero, had to raise and support his younger cousin. Leaning onto his cousin as a father figure, Guzman would emulate his cousin growing up. In an effort to feed and clothe his cousin, Luis Guerrero began selling drugs and getting involved with the local street gang in their neighborhood. As the two grew in age, Gerardo would embark onto the same path as his cousin which was much to the chagrin of his cousin.
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