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  1. Sheriff's Department - Career Fair THEODORE HOUSTON On Sunday the 18th of October, the Los Santos Sheriff's Department hosted their first academic drive. The event was opened with a speech from the Captain of the Sheriff's Department, Wyatt Logan. This is what he had to say: ''Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Los Santos Sheriff's Department Paleto Bay Station. My name is Captain Wyatt Logan. I oversee our Administrative Services Division, which includes our Personnel Administration Bureau - The guys in charge of all our recruitment. I see a lot of future Deputy Sheriff's here. I hope you all find this career fair both informative and entertaining. We have a few things lined up for you all that'll unfold as the day goes on. But, without any further ado, please help me give a warm welcome to Assistant Sheriff Lukas Schmidt.'' Assistant Sheriff Lukas Schmidt Next up to talk to the audience was the departments Assistant Sheriff, Lukas Schmidt. Schmidt had this to say: ''Thank you, Captain Wyatt for these welcoming words and welcome once again from myself. It's always amazing to see such a turnout for our career fair. As the Captain already mentioned, we have a large mix of bureaus here who are ready to show you what they do and what they use in their duties. From the Traffic Services Detail to the Special Enforcement Bureau, it's all here. We also have a wonderful catering on site so if you feel hungry, head on over and get a delicious burger.'' Assistant Sheriff Schmidt also went on to inform the audience that a few demonstrations would be shown later on in the day. One of these events being the SEB demonstration shown in the photographs below. Ongoing SEB demonstration Spectators of the demonstration Finally, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of my own. I asked Assistant Sheriff Schmidt what the department wanted to show throughout the career fair, he said: ''This is a career fair where we showcase all of our bureaus and units. We do this to educate the community about what we do. People who are interested in a career in law enforcement might gain a lot more information here.'' My next question was an open question to any of the members at the fair, I asked what a career as a deputy promise and what the benefits were. It was Captain Argueta who answered, this is what he had to say: ''Highest law enforcement pay between the Police Department and us. Lemme tell you. This is just a taste of what one badge but unlimited possibilities means. That's our recruitment motto.''. The career fair ran for most of the day and the community members were enjoying what the department had to say and to show. It was a fantastic turn out for the Sheriff's Department and they managed to get everything in they needed too. The demonstrations they showed were informative and attention grabbing, they really made sure to keep everyone focused on the task at hand. VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE Comments are enabled: Username: X Comment: X
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